Two Cups of Coffee

Today’s photo prompt is pretty awesome. Coffee! Who doesn’t love coffee. Well AJ doesn’t but she’s an alien. I love my coffee black. Alex likes his with cream and two sugars. That’s how AJ drinks it most days, though she uses a flavored creamer specifically peppermint mocha or a chocolate raspberry truffle coffee she can’t do plain coffee…. booo!

In the first version of the Last Phoenix, AJ specifically mentioned Starbucks as a coffee shop that catered to vampires. AJ has since changed it to something else. I’m not sure if it was named or not…

So I’m gonna name it now… it needs to reflect coffee and blood in some sort of way.

Alright. I got two Life Blood Café and Café Plasma.

They reference both blood and coffee! But how to choose, any opinions from the peanut gallery?

This will be a national chain owned and operated by vampires.

picture by Maddi Bazzocco (maddibazzocco)