Today I’m just gonna ramble. Let you know that Alex’s Birthday is finished and that it will post over the next several weekends as posts so AJ doesn’t forget my streak. shakes finger at AJ Bad AJ.

So yes I broke my streak two weekends in a row :( I’m so sad, two years down the drain. But only two days in those 2 years so that’s good. Hopefully things are leveling out for AJ and all is going to get back on track.

AJ is once again on the prowl for the best writing environment for her. Nothing really is ever right. She’s planning for the new year. So LIIFT 4 is already on the schedule. I think AJ is going to buckle down on the writing and make sure that we get at least some books done, but it still very much in the air because until the new house is moved into everything is all house and no play!

I’m lucky I get any me time.

Though what I have been getting is pretty good and I do enjoy any moment I get with Alex. AJ’s looking at a bigger picture of the whole story like on a multi-arc level. It’s kinda interesting, but Dabble isn’t really fitting in with that particular mechanism. Maybe AJ will find another tool that works for her. Online is best – mind mapping might work in this case, or another spread sheet until she gets the plot points nailed down anyway. But we’ll see.