The Classic Car Club

There were a few things I didn’t know about Alex. More than a few, but I knew Alex loved his car. And since Alex’s idea of communication resulted in a fight 80% of the time I opted to go with something without asking him a billion lead up questions. I spent a bit of money on the gift not because I thought he’d love it but because I think Alex might be able to use it in a future con. His lifestyle was far more glamorous than mine. He deserved more. And what else did I have the money to spend on. Why not spend some of it on Alex. But I expected him to tell me it was too much and that I shouldn’t have. But I couldn’t help myself. He’d already spent a truck load of money on me with no demands for it back in any form.

So after Alex dressed with my suggestion of something slightly better than jeans and a t-shirt. Though he could probably wear that too, God knows I wouldn’t mind. I waited anxiously for Alex to finish his shower and get dressed. I’d already pulled on my own dark slacks, a black t-shirt with the green button down Alex had bought back in Vegas. Dyed the tips of my hair green even to match. My nails pretty much stayed black these days mostly so they went with whatever Alex decided I needed to wear.

He enjoyed dress up more than I did. But I loved making him happy.

Alex came out of the shower with a smirk. “You are loud you know that?”

I sighed. “Yeah I know, come one before I ruin the surprise.”

“Even through all that I still don’t know where we are going.”

I grinned at him, “Good then it’s still a surprise.”

It was a half hour walk or a twenty minute train ride. We could have taken a cab but it ran about 30 mins too. So given our choices I chose to walk. It wasn’t that far, and we’d have plenty of time to relax and wine and dine and all that stuff when we got where we were going.

And it gave me time to chat with my favorite person though no one would have really heard us since Alex liked to keep our conversations private even as we held hands strolling down West 42nd.

You know we could have taken a cab and then we could do more than hold hands.

I laughed at Alex with a smirk on my lips the only indication of the humor. I know. But then we’d end up back home. This ensures we get to where we are going.

Alex sighed heavily as he kept walking. He didn’t like walking. There are perfectly good trains and cars.

And you have two perfectly good feet. I added and leaned over and pressed a kiss to Alex’s cheek leaning against him even after I pulled away. I loved the feel of him against me in any form. Just the press of his fingers to the back of my hand made me shiver. Margo always said I thrived with touch, but no one was ever close enough to do that without causing major problems. Sage was the closest but he had his own touch issues. And then there was Ant – which had stopped the second I realized why Alex disliked Ant so much. It was a vampire thing, but I didn’t need anyone but Alex.

You talk too much. Not even sexy talk. A voice in my head interrupted and I rolled my eyes.

I nodded, “We are here.” The Classic Car Club in Manhattan wasn’t a very cool looking building, but it was pretty awesome inside. And it was an expensive membership to just be there, to drive that was another story. But there was a waiting list for that, club members first, so that’s what I got Alex. I pulled out a card from my wallet and handed it to Alex, his name was printed elegantly on the card. “Happy Birthday.”

Alex looked at me then down at the card I had to shake it for him to reach out and grab it. I could see the childlike glee hiding behind his eyes but he was hiding it well. If only I could read his mind like he could mine. I took his hand and pulled him through the doors and no one even looked twice in our direction. And that was when I knew I had done a good job. The smile, the sparkle in those ice blue eyes I loved. Alex was in heaven.

We walked around the club for several hours just looking at the cars. He was a kid in a candy shop and I dutifully listened with enthusiasm as Alex rattled off information about the cars I knew nothing about. He was particularly fond of the 63 Corvette Stingray and we came back to her several times more before Alex’s stomach rumbled and we stopped at the restaurant to grab something to eat.

We spent more time walking around before Alex found the simulator which he immediately had to try. I waited outside. Driving wasn’t my thing. And I didn’t want to take anything away from Alex. “Go. Have fun I’ll be right here.”

Alex was hesitant to leave. “Please, Alex. I’ll be fine. I’ll sit here and you go drive fast. I know you don’t get to do it often enough.”

It had been enough to get him into the simulator and I got to sit down on the floor and wait. I don’t think I was supposed to but at this point I didn’t care. I wasn’t going far from Alex, he had his tracker but he’d freak the fuck out if I wasn’t here when he came back. Not that I can’t defend myself – or anything. And I did my best to make sure Alex always knew where I was without the tracker. I wanted him to trust me never to leave him, but that was a hard earned trust after years of disappearing and not just my dreamself – everyone in his life.

Alex’s life was just as hard as my own. And the one thing we both had was the dream. Our anchor, now we were living it. And I couldn’t imagine what would happen if it were taken away from us.

I felt a little nudge – happy vibes. Apparently I was being loud and Alex was trying to share, so I closed my eyes and I let him inside and felt whatever he wanted to share, his thoughts, his enjoyment, the constant stream of consciousness. It was the first time we’d done this and I hadn’t thought it possible. To connect on this level. I was an open book but this was the first time Alex had let me in. I could have dug deeper but I didn’t, I stayed where Alex was, where he was consciously. His mind, his love for me, his love for speed and the cars. I felt a tear sliding down my cheek but before I knew it Alex was squatting down in front of me wiping it away. “Pretty boy, come on let’s go home.” He stood up offering me a hand and I took it.

Alex pulled me into him and pressed his lips against mine hard and fast and it turned into something more passionate in the blink of any eye. But it was nothing more than a press of our lips. I was fucking in love and I wanted to say it. I really did, but I hesitated.

Alex smirked against my lips and held my face to his and I opened my eyes to find him watching me. “I love you Nox.” My heart melted and wrapped my arms around him.

I whispered back “I love you too, Alex.”