Too busy

AJ is tired. They demoed a room and prepped a room for painting today. Tomorrow is more prep work and paint party on Monday.

The image is ajs view on a break. It was chilly in the morning but turned out real nice.


  1. I was wondering if AJ was going to post today. ;)

    Hmm, a paint party sounds like it could be a lot of fun and chaos at the same time. Maybe too much chaos for Nox to handle? For some reason, I can imagine him stressing out about it and putting plastic sheets everywhere. Like, absolutely everywhere. Even in the rooms that aren’t being painted. :lol: AJ might have to kick him out of the house for his own mental good.

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    1. Nox says:

      Yeah AJ remembered as she was sitting in bed pondering her phone. Oh AJ will have paper and canvas on the floors. The idea of having to pay for more things is her motivation.

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      1. That’s always good motivation. :lol:

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      2. Nox says:

        Yes it is.

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