A Gift?

Those of you that know AJ well enough from my rambling know she’s a programmer too. Specifically a web developer. She made us all a gift – a new wiki. We’ll populated it with the current information on the old wiki and then I’ll transfer the link to this new one and she’ll trash the old one.

This one is so much easier to update and there is no remembering login names and stuff. The links are automatic, so the original document is easy to read. She says performance might become an issue but she’ll deal with that as time goes on and the information gets more and more. But first we have to get that kinda use case data.

If anyone is interested in the code you can find it at github. If you have your own server and want to install it, AJ can give you instructions just shoot me an email (nox.durante@gmail.com)

And if you are interested in seeing the wiki underlying structure for what articles are available you can go here