Uh…. papercut?


I’m not exactly sure how to respond to today’s one word prompt. looks at AJ in question She isn’t going to be able to do much with a drawing in it either I don’t think. But we’ll see.

I’ve had a paper cut. But they heal almost instantaneously. Super healing is pretty awesome.

I’ve cut paper in school. That was always fun. making things. But I don’t really need to use paper to make things, got this whole element thing going on. I mean I made a statue when I was 10.

Really at a loss for words on this one. Yeah I know… me unable to talk whodathunk!


  1. “Really at a loss for words on this one.” Alex is shocked, but he is smirking that you managed to say something about the topic. He’s like “Yeah. Really at a loss for words.” :lol:

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  2. we respond with music, dance music too!

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