So I’ve been dying my locks and putting on eyeliner for as long as I can remember. However, it wasn’t always so. I was a normal guy who just liked guys. And before that I was just a normal straight guy. Somewhere I changed in AJ’s head. Or more rightly I showed myself to her.

I think I still manage to do that on occasion. Like being allergic to shellfish – that was new. AJ fell in love with Magnus Bane of the Immortal Instruments – specifically Harry Shum Jr.’s portrayal of him in Shadowhunters. It was then that AJ added the eyeliner and the colored tips to my hair. And it was perfect for me. I got to be normal and different at the same time.

I have steadily increased in my neurotic behavior. I went from being just a health nut to being a health nut to calm my impulses to obsess. I can’t obsess if it’s the same thing I do. My ways are two fold – they keep me in strong peak condition so I don’t fall behind in the Venatori, and they maintain my sanity. Both of which are highly important.

I love me, and I’ll keep showing AJ who I am the more we go through this. It’s a great journey if you ask me – you didn’t but I’ll still answer it.

BTW, today’s word was lock!

Breakfast in Bed

When I got back Alex was still looking through the sketches. I’d say he was about half way through. He closed the notebook and put it down on the coffee table when I walked in and greeted me with long languid kiss and we were immediately in our bedroom. I could get used to a greeting like that.

I was up early – no earlier than usual, 4am with my alarm. Alex groaned and rolled back over and stole my pillow so that he could go back to sleep. I as alright with that.

I shortened my workout, grabbed a shower in the kids bathroom so I didn’t disturb Alex, or ruin the surprise.

Cakes weren’t my thing. But I could do a pancake cake filled with icecream. I had layered out some icecream a few days before. Alex hadn’t been home, out with Benji doing something or another – birthday related I think. Cause I told Benji that he was mine all day. I had taken the day off completely and was going to spend it all on Alex.

Pancakes were becoming easier and easier to make in the morning. I had a batch whipped out in no time and I even had time to frost it. It was in chocolate cream cheese icing. And I decorated it with a scoop of icecream and some fresh strawberries. I had his favorite coffee and some bacon on the side cause bacon…

It was about the time for me to actually get into my room to shower by the time I finished. Everything looked pretty on the plate. Breakfast wasn’t the newest thing on the planet, but I felt like a mess as I carried it through the living room and into our bedroom.

Alex groaned at the sound and covered his head with my pillow. It was a normal morning thing. I sat down next to him and set the food on the other side of him so he wouldn’t spill it.

He peaked out from under the pillow. I knew the bacon and coffee were too tempting. He pushed the pillow to the side and stared at the tray on the bed. “You made me breakfast in bed.”

“Happy Birthday.” I said in reply. He stared at me almost like he’d forgotten today he turned a year old. Alex’s stomach rumbled and he couldn’t ignore the food any longer. “Cake for breakfast?”

“Sorta.” I said as Alex cut into the sugary mess.

He took a bite and laughed. “Pancake cake. I like that.” He leaned over after he finished chewing and pressed a sugared kiss to my lips. All I tasted was Alex, even over all that sugar he’d just consumed. I couldn’t help the soft moan I let out. I fucking loved he could make me melt like that.

Alex pulled away and started to eat in earnest. Halfway through Alex stopped and smiled, “This isn’t going to become a regular thing huh?”

I laughed and shook my head, “No. Today is your day. I have plans as long as you are free.”

Alex chuckled, “Oh I’m free, Pretty boy. Specially if you treat me like this all day.”

I grinned at him, “That’s sorta the plan.”

Alex smirked and finished his breakfast in bed.