L Ron Hubbard Writers Contest

There is a deadline quickly approaching for the first quarters writing contest. AJ doesn’t have anything. But she’s thinking of writing a short story. There are a few Sci-fi floating around in her head, while it’s better than her prior contests at 17K words, that’s still shorter than what she usually uses to tell a story.

The question becomes what does she write about? Me? A version of me? Some federated space pilot? A mutant bounty hunter? How about a dragon rider? Or a mundane stumbling upon the magical world?

I guess AJ could flip through some prompts to see if anything catches her eye.

I’d hate to not be front and center, but maybe AJ needs something even if it’s me. We could find Sterling, or perhaps the Angel/Demon pairing of Sterling’s birth. A short story for Ant – maybe his first encounter with me? Because I’m fairly sure that he has been following me for a while.

The problem AJ has is that she has difficulty finding a singular plot to follow that doesn’t cover a lot of back story and is fully complete.

The Daily Spur

You all know that AJ started something like the Daily Post that WordPress.com killed? You don’t? It’s called The Daily Spur. Anyway, it’s a random word a day. Well as of this week it does more too.

A daily photo prompt curtosey of Unsplash API and a daily track from Spotify.

Today’s track is Feliz Navidad rather appropriate considering the season.

Today’s picture is a mountain view

Today’s word is scotch

Linking to it from any WordPress account should provide a track back ping to the post.

The First Age

Ironically today’s Daily Spur word is Moscow which I’m using today because AJ left her list of my words at home. She took them out of her notebook to make room for all the stuff that was being used for the new house project.

So today we’ll talk about where I came from – The First Age. I’ve always been a little different from my origins. But AJ’s working on bringing the original me to mimic more of my personality. In so much as in The First Age I was not designed to like men and that is a pretty big thing for me in my head space so AJ maneuvered it to happen in a world where I was pretty straight. But there I’m a reborn god who has also been possibly bi so it was an easy transition to unfold with the right added back story. If you are interested in checking me out there, you can get all there is to know in my biography. You can also get my full story in the links.

But The First Age is based in 2046 in a future of our world, but also in the First Age of the Wheel of Time – two ages before the Dragon is reborn, and one age before the Dragon is born for the first time. Or was it the umpteenth time since Time is a Wheel in the Wheel of Time… We are set in Moscow, though we do have a few stories elsewhere, like one in the good ol’ US of A. But predominately we hang out in what is formerly Mother Russia.

My world comes from the backbones of The First Age. You will see similarities. But there are other similarities with other universes too – like Supernatural.