Slice of Cake

Happy Halloween!

BUT more importantly Happy Birthday Alex!!!!!

In the real world would be Alex’s 28th birthday today. It’s still 2017 where we are, and it’s only June. But hey, I can celebrate out here too!

So have a slice of cake in Alex’s name. Celebrate all the cool things and all the scary things we plan on doing together.

AJ has part three of Alex’s birthday later today to write. So you’ll have that to look forward to. I’m going to go spend ungodly amounts of time pampering Alex.

I think I have breakfast in bed, a pancake birthday cake breakfast, though that might not be what we do in bed first. There are presents to unwrap and worshiping that needs to be done. But I’ll leave that to your imagination.

I have a fancy lunch planned and then we have a party tonight. You’ll get all this eventually. So :P

Stay safe out there with your little goblins and ghouls and don’t drink any thick viscous red liquid unless you are a vampire of course.