Shit! I’m Late

Lindsay wasn’t the perfect sub. She was innocent and kind but she knew what she wanted. Which had surprised me. Maybe that innocent act out front had been just that an act. She sat down in the office chair that was easily at eye level with Jared’s backside, but she hardly noticed. She was too busy tapping away at her phone and soon the printer behind Janice’s desk spewed out paper. I counted three before Lindsay was up and gathering the document and tapping it on the desk while she waited for the rest.

The three of us had been mildly interested as we watched her. Jared was checking out the woman’s backside and Janice was fondling Jared’s reaction to staring at her in that very businesslike suit skirt.

I just watched as she handed Janice the papers. “I have a standard dos and don’t list.” She said as Janice handed the two of us a piece of paper for our own. I glanced at the list to find her hard, soft and maybes.

Lindsay looked at me with a sly smile and I smirked at her, “Are you looking for a professional type relationship or something more personal?” I asked Lindsay.

“Are you their negotiator?”

“Something like that,” I said.”I’m looking for their submissive third since I was so good at bringing them together.”

Her smile brightened as I sat down on the corner of the desk. “Oh, well then.” Lindsay walked over and trailed her fingers up my leg and smiled, “I’m looking for something more personal, but I think a professional relation will get us all started off on the right foot.”

I laughed. “Nothing like a pre-nup.”

Lindsay smiled. “I am going to law school.”

This was absolutely fucking perfect. “Draw up a three month agreement. It won’t be legally binding of course, but I think with well established rules the three of you can learn to be more personable.”

“But…” Lindsay said before she looked at the pair of them. “I’ve heard rumors, and I want a trial offer – one day only. And Mr. Smith, stays with me the whole time. He leaves I leave.”

I growled inside. I had a fucking date. Not that I was looking forward to it, but I would do what I had to do. They were paying me for this. Their fucking gay best friend. I was seething inside but I smiled on the outside.

Janice took them both by the hand and let them into her little dungeon and Jared immediately started removing his clothes. Janice drifted behind the dressing screen. I stopped just inside the door.

Jared laughed, “Shut the door Brent, stay awhile. Get comfortable. You are in for a show.”

“I doubt it.”

Jared laughed, “That’s right not enough men for your liking.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “There are plenty of men here. And I can enjoy a woman’s body.”

“Can you?” Janice said giggling as she sashayed across the floor with her leather outfit on. She had to have had it on under her clothes before, there was no way she was getting into that this quickly.

Janice handed Lindsay a skimpy outfit. “On, darling.” Lindsay dipped a little bow and murmured ‘yes ma’am’ and was stripping right there. I started to watch her but saw Jared watching me so I turned my attention to him. He expected me to leer and so I did. He was a good looking man, but not my type.

For several hours the four of us stayed in the playroom. I don’t think anyone had any sort of release in that time. I had to get going. I needed to take a shower. Remove the stench of sex and leather from my nose, and on my skin. The clothes I could burn later.

I mentioned it two or three times as I watched Lindsay suck on Jared’s cock. Janice was licking Lindsay in all the fucking right places. Jared was watching me. “What?” I asked.

“You’re still here?” He smirked, “I thought you had to go?” He waggled his finger at me and I gave him a dirty look.

Jared grabbed Lindsay by the blond ponytail she was sporting now and pointed at me. “He has to go. I wanted to watch you make him lose his shit for a girl.”

“That’s…” I was about to say more when I felt Janice’s hands on my arms and she was holding them behind me. “Fuck, Janny, you know I don’t want to be tied up.”

She giggled, “You always say that.” She kissed my neck then bit hard and I groaned. And then the little not so innocent blonde was on my cock, her wet mouth was hot and her lips were already swollen from sucking Jared. He wasn’t hiding how he found it erotic, he stroked his own cock over her body.

It didn’t take long before I was releasing all that built up tension. Her mouth was talented but I had a fucking date with fucking Nox Sétanta. With a nose like a fucking hound dog. I was going to have to shower three times just to get the scent of them off me.

Janice let my arms go and I shrugged out of her grip and removed myself from their grasp. “Fuck!” I said. “I have to go. I’m going to be late.” I was going to be so fucking late. I couldn’t go to him dressed like this much less smelling like them. And even I could smell the sex that was going to linger on my skin.

Jared was laughing. “I knew you were faking it.”

“Faking what?”

“The whole gay schtick. You like women.”

I smirked at him. “You caught me. But right now I’m into tall well built men.” I pulled up my pants and grabbed my jacket, but I didn’t bother putting it on. I stopped in the doorway to deliver one final warning. “Lindsay I’m leaving you in their care. You may have to get out of character if they don’t take care of you.”

I held my finger out to Janice, “She gets the attention of both of you when you are done. She gets a proper bath and clean clothes to wear home. Nothing trashy.”

Janice pouted, “He’s so mean sometimes.”

Jared laughed but Lindsay nodded., “Yes master.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m already late. So behave.” I said parting ways.