Rescue Me

The boys were surprised by the late breakfast the prior morning. Alex and I probably should have waited until that evening to do what we did, but it was ‘his birthday’. I waited until our prescribed lunch alone time that I scheduled in everyday to give him the second present. Instead of meeting him out like we usually did I brought groceries to Alex’s apartment. We were insured complete privacy.

Alex kept smirking at me like I was trying to hide my motives. “You aren’t?” he asked.

I shook my head, “You can read my mind, I can’t hide shit from you.”

Alex only smirked. “So what’s in the bag?”

“Groceries.” I said.

He pointed to the gift bag. “That’s groceries?”

I laughed. “Can you at least wait until I put things down?”

Alex shook his head. “Nope.” He was almost giddy with anticipation. The day before, when I got home Alex had purchased a desk and had it set up in the corner. His laptop sat on top of the desk and the miniature Serenity sat on a pestle in the sunlight streaming through the window.

Alex took the bag from my hand and I started cooking us lunch while he rummaged through the tissue paper for the present inside. Alex looked at me strangely as he pulled out the spiral notebook. He’d seen me doodling in it for the past few months. It wasn’t a surprise in that sense. He opened it up to the first page.

Inside was a note, ‘To the best partner a man could ask for. This is our life, past, present and future’.

Alex started flipping through the book quickly looking to see how many drawings were in there. It was full. I’d been working on it for a while. He looked up at me, “This is what you’ve been drawing? You’ve been planning this?”

I shook my head. “At first it was just memories that I couldn’t get rid of. Then I had the idea of sketching Serenity and so I just started doing everything. I didn’t know if it’d be filled by your birthday though.”

“Holy fuck, Nox.” Alex sat down at the island in the kitchen and pulled the stool up and sat down and flipped back to the front of the notebook and started at page one.

I cooked our meal in silence. The only sound was my knife and Alex’s breathing. He was totally absorbed in each drawing until he turned the page to find the next one.

He said nothing and I was getting anxious as I put the chicken in the oven with the vegetables to roast. I made us some coffee and tried to quell my fears, my irrational fears. I knew they were irrational. No one would devour and stare at something they hated – unless maybe they were that bad. I’d never given anyone anything I’d ever drawn except Dorian, and those were all technical things – patterns I saw so I could explain it to him.

There was my dream journals but they weren’t meant to be seen by others. This was for Alex. I’d made it for him, as proof of what I saw. Things I remembered.

I was lost in my drowning thoughts when the timer went off and I jumped.

Alex looked up at me and frowned. But in that moment he jumped out of his seat and rush around the island to pin me against the counter behind me. “Fuck. I’m sorry. I love it Nox. Stop….” He pressed a kiss to my lips and I focused on him, his love, his attention. My mind had gotten carried away and Alex had been lost in the drawings. I didn’t blame him, I did too. But he wasn’t half way through them.

When we broke apart, Alex folded the notebook closed and pushed it to the side. “Food, then while you go back to work, I’ll look at them.”

I gave him a shy nod and finished our lunch. Alex was my everything and I don’t think he quite really understood it. How easy it was to lose myself when I didn’t have him to help pull me back. Even Margo had commented on how well I was doing since Vegas.

Slice of Cake

Happy Halloween!

BUT more importantly Happy Birthday Alex!!!!!

In the real world would be Alex’s 28th birthday today. It’s still 2017 where we are, and it’s only June. But hey, I can celebrate out here too!

So have a slice of cake in Alex’s name. Celebrate all the cool things and all the scary things we plan on doing together.

AJ has part three of Alex’s birthday later today to write. So you’ll have that to look forward to. I’m going to go spend ungodly amounts of time pampering Alex.

I think I have breakfast in bed, a pancake birthday cake breakfast, though that might not be what we do in bed first. There are presents to unwrap and worshiping that needs to be done. But I’ll leave that to your imagination.

I have a fancy lunch planned and then we have a party tonight. You’ll get all this eventually. So :P

Stay safe out there with your little goblins and ghouls and don’t drink any thick viscous red liquid unless you are a vampire of course.

You Made That?

For a man who didn’t live with me officially Alex sure spent a lot of time at my apartment. Not that I minded. He’d plucked the key code out of my head the first time he came over and he’s been using it every since. He knows I want him here even if I didn’t explicitly invite him to move in.

Though he didn’t leave much here, it was clear he was still only visiting even with my empty closet and dresser just waiting for him to put stuff in. And even though he spent nearly every night in my bed we still had a minor tussle with me getting out of bed at 4am despite not waking up to a nightmare. Which thank the fuck weren’t happening most night – those nights when Alex stayed.

So I was up, had a nice little yoga routine in the living room, and was on my way to the shower when Alex stirred. He opened his eyes a sliver then rolled over. Instead of hitting the shower like I planned I grabbed a box from the closet and climb in to bed behind Alex. He shifted so I could lay without having to support myself off the edge of the bed with a platform of air. He grunted to acknowledge that I was distrurbing him. I draped my arm over his shoulder and curled up next to him dropping the box several inches from his head in line of sight if he choose to open his beautiful blue eyes. I pressed a kiss to the back of his neck and I felt his whole body shiver. It went straight to my cock. “Are you happy to see me?”

I pressed another kiss to his neck and chuckled, “You know it.”

I didn’t spoon Alex often, he was the one who liked to hold me and I preferred it too, but I loved having him against me. And Alex snuggled deeper into my embrace as I laid my head down on his pillow. I could sleep again, but I spoke softly. “I know it’s not your birthday yet, but I made you something.”

Alex shifted a little and rolled on to his back pulling the box on to his chest. “It’s heavy.”

I shrugged. “Yeah.”

The box was done up with a red ribbon that Mia had to show me how to tie because no matter how many times I did it it looked messy and I wanted it perfect, even though it took seconds for Alex to destroy it and open the box to show the contents inside.

It wasn’t anything big, but the look on Alex’s face when he recognized it in the dim light made it worth the whole countless hours studying Serenity. Made of black onyx was an exact replica (miniaturized) of his baby. “You made this?” He sounded surprised.

“Yeah.” I said.

Alex held it close to his face and looked at all the fine details. The great thing about the elements is making something with precision was easy. Though my father said I only thought it was easy because I knew how to do it. His work with earth wasn’t nearly as pretty as mine could be.

“That’s not all.” I said.

Alex picked up the box and dumped it on to his chest. “A key?”

I smiled, “It’s symbolic. You already have a key to the apartment. You can come and go as you want.” I bit my bottom lip and then continued, “Consider this my official invite to live with me. Like bring your things here live with me.”

Alex rolled over and pressed his lips to my tenderly.

I whispered against his lips as he held me close, “It can be a key chain if you want, but I didn’t attach it, but I can.”

Alex shook his head, “No it’ll go on my desk, over in the corner.”

I laughed, “You have no desk in the corner.”

“I will.” He rolled on top of me and we tumbled out of bed.

Alex groaned as he pulled himself up, “Fuck. Sorry forgot we weren’t in bed proper.”

I lay on the floor look up at Alex, “I’m alright. Nothing that won’t heal. I kinda like this view.”

“Oh really?” Alex asked as he knelt down on the floor over top of me again. I nodded, “Yes…”


Who remembers Jolt? A highly caffeinated drink that college kids thrived on?

I don’t, AJ remembers it but never drank it. Though she remembers it in the college fridges all over campus.

Me I prefer my caffeine in the form of coffee – straight up black coffee. Though I do like flavors too but they have calories and I avoid most of them. Have to keep this shape ya know. Me and my health nut ways. One of us has to right or we’d get fat.

Though I do love bacon and steak, but they aren’t the only things I eat. I eat mostly chicken and vegetables, lots of them. I have a meal plan around here somewhere that AJ threw together as an example. I think it’s on my page in the World Lore book. Which AJ really needs to spend some time taking care of finding it a new home or updating it or something. We have too many notes running around. AJ might have to consider running a multi-site WordPress on her server to get all the things she wants on it. She needs to figure it out cause my plan renews in December.

BTW, Alex likes his coffee with cream and two sugars. He’s so cute!

My dilemia

This was the first real birthday that I had with Alex. His birthday had always been in the dream. I remembered some of them. The last one with my brothers was a good one, and several others I had remembered. All dressing up and playing a part. But this Halloween we had kids to take out and do the human thing, my brothers were excited. Drake was too, Matt and Faelen really didn’t have much of an idea of what was going on but they went with it. Matt wanted to have a part. The twins agreed with him. So Halloween was going to include a birthday cake for Alex.

But Alex hated his birthday. I was going to endeavor to change that. Because it was the best day in the world – the day he was born. I know I sound like a sap. But I can’t help it. Alex is everything to me. He’s home. I could be anywhere he is and I’d be happy. I’d sure as fuck freak out about the change and I know he’d get annoyed with me, but I would be happy he was there to talk me down. To hold me. To be Alex.

But there’s a problem. What do you get a guy who has everything he wants or just goes out and buys it. And the second problem? How do you keep it secret when he can read your mind.

Special is good and with the twins planning the Halloween party I can just throw in my extras all in the name of the party, no one has to know why – so a cake from Jay won’t look too out of the ordinary.

I racked my brain for quite a while trying to figure out what to do. And I finally came up with a few ideas. But I couldn’t decide.

The first one I spent three or four hours completely studying Serenity. And for those of you who don’t know – Serenity is the name Alex gave his car. She is a 2016 Black Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray fully equipped with leather seats. I’ve never ridden in her. Mostly because I’ve never gone anywhere that required Alex to drive.

She’s gorgeous as far as cars go. But I’m not a car guy. But the lines and and color were great to look at. I spent those hours sketching her in a notebook that I intended to give Alex. There were other things I’d sketched too – mostly dreams I’d been remembering. Images that repeated over and over in my head now that I remembered him for all my life. Memories I could replay like a video.

To make Alex’s birthday special I’m going to stretch it out. Tomorrow is day one of my plan. Nothing major, breakfast, a little present and we’ll go from there. It’s the first day of the celebration of our first real birthday spent together – the first real holiday too. It should be fun.

Double double, Toil Trouble?

It’s almost Halloween. Today’s word is double… You’ll be getting a double post today, so I figured I’d share you probably the only Shakespeare poem I know. Well I do lie. I probably could do one To be or Not to be from Hamlet for a few stanza. AJ had it memorized at one point. She also had some from Romeo and Juliet. Every year in high school they did a Shakespeare play. Romeo and Juliet, Caesar, Hamlet and Macbeth.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon’s blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.
Macbeth: IV.i 10-19; 35-38

Can you imagine all these things. I wonder if any wiccan’s do this. Or how they feel about it. I might need to ask some of them when I meet them in story.