Following The Dragon

I headed in the direction of the River. I didn’t see directions yet. But eventually I looked at my phone where Sage had a map with a glowing dot blinking at me. My best friend was so helpful. I should get him in on this more often.

He wasn’t at a warehouse any longer, he was in his limo heading someplace. Sage spoke in my ear. “I think he’s going to his Manhattan office. That’s the only thing in that direction.”

“Where’s that at?” I asked.

Sage added a second blue blip on my screen. “Can you add the rest of his known locations?”

Several more dots were added to the map and I nodded. I ran towards his office. I didn’t take it in a straight line. I hoped to get him alone somewhere. And I could almost run faster than he could in traffic.

“Does Dae’lin know he’s on the move?”

“She does. The team is on standby in the fish bowl. I think they are having a pool to see if you stay out there the whole time running.”

“What’s the odds?” I asked.

I could hear Sage grin over the phone. “Everyone but Kai and Dae’lin think you’ll come in and watch like everyone else.” Sage laughed. “They don’t know you very well.”

They didn’t that was their problem. My father and Dae’lin knew I liked the work I did. Liked being out in the field, on the streets of New York. “Sage get me Liam, some of those locations are in Wolf territory.”

“I sent the Wolf man himself a text. And Adrian too.” My phone beeped in response to a text I know I didn’t send. Sage laughed, “Speak of the devil. Olmos says he’ll post guards outside the locations which he’s requesting, and I sent to him already. He knows it’s not you too. He said and I quote, ‘Now I know you aren’t my Venatori texting me – he always follows his procedures.’ So predictable Nox.”

I grinned as I ran. I loved my friend. Fuck having the connections I did made my job easier. “Hey Sage?”

“Yeah?” He said with a little humor in his voice still.

“Thank you.”

“You owe me dinner. Me and you, like old times?”

I sighed, “I’m not watching with you.”

Sage laughed. “That’s okay, I just want your food, the rest of you can go to hell.” I could hear the smle on his face as he told me to go to hell.

“You too.” I said. “I only like you for your computer skills.”

Sage grinned. “I know. It’s all you ever wanted me for. And all the free toys.”

“Your hand-me-downs.” I quipped back.

“You wish you had even half of the power they had.”

We joked more while I ran a few blocks around the Empire State Building and serval blocks surrounding it until he moved again. By that time, even I was contemplating taking a nap. I was walking when I saw his limo pass me.