Daily Post

With the daily post gone, I’m kinda lost here. I mean I have AJ posting my rewritten story, but I want to do something that connects with other writers. Has a anyone found a replacement for the daily post? I know that some people are using June’s from 2016.

AJ kinda wants to start her own daily post with new prompts but the problem becomes would anyone actually use it. And how would she implement it. Pingbacks work great if they work, but there are no themes like the Daily post where you can grab screen shots. Titles work I know I have pingbacks on my page?

Do you allow people to post links in the comments too so we can get people outside of the WordPress sphere.

AJ’s interested in starting one up. It probably wouldn’t gain much traction attention so early in it’s childhood But if is anyone interested? Also feel free to share it around. If there is any interest at all AJ will work on making the script that creates the daily post so it’s automatically posted at a specific date from a random list of words. Also add a submission process so that we can add additional words that you think would be fun to use. Can’t guarantee when those words will show up as AJ will have a random factor to the list of words.

In retrospective it was a great run. But I really loved the idea of the daily prompt, really want to keep something going.