The Versatile Blogger

Look at this. I was nominated for another one! Since I’ve seen it but never see any links about the origin of it I’ll share that with you.

About the Versatile Blogger Award


The rules for accepting this award are simple:

  1. Thank (and link) your nominator
  2. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
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Thank you

So Vesna over at Whisper nominated me. * bows * Thank you muchly for your nomination. It means a lot to me.

Seven Interesting Facts

Just so everyone knows, these are going to be about me not AJ, this is my blog after all.

  1. I am on my third incarnation of my life as Nox Sétanta. Hopefully this is the last one. (Note: There are other versions of me running around the web but they aren’t really mean though they share my name.)
  2. I have 4 half brothers and one half sister on my father’s side, and 2 half brothers on my mother’s side. Twins as a matter of fact. My mother was a twin herself. Twins run in her family.
  3. I will confess my musical tastes have changed quite a bit since my creation. I was a dance guy – techno, electronic, dance, but also classical waltzes, 60s rock, latin music specifically salsa, big band/swing music. Anything I can dance to! But since Sage and Dev (and AJ of course) I listen to a lot more alternative/rock/post grunge type music. And while it will never make my story at present I am completely and totally in love with Three Days Grace’s new Album “Outsider”. It doesn’t help at all that the lead singer is the ‘avatar’ for my soon to be beau coming up in the rewrite. Much like AJ fell in love with 2Cellos cause of my avatar, I have fallen in love with 3DG. Love the album. I feel so much with each song.
  4. In the rewrite I have a pet. She’s a cat I find at the end of the First Hunt. She’s special in so many ways. But she’s a ‘werewolf cat‘. Meaning she looks like a werewolf of modern day lore. Ophelia is her name and you will catch the meaning of it in the First Hunt I don’t want to give it away.

  5. I don’t do a lot of TV. Mostly because I don’t like to sit sit and let my mind wander too much. I need to be active in some way, but I can sit down with a good book and get lost in the world. It’s a different sitting still I guess. My favorite book will have to be City of Heavenly Fire the last book of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire. Where in my favorite couple and characters are… my OTP if you speak ships (I don’t) – Magnus and Alec or otherwise knows as Malec. Love them! if you hadn’t figured that out from my Malec monday’s last year.

  6. There is a meaning to my name. And a reason for it. AJ upon my initial creation at the First Age was looking for opposing names for twins one male one female. She came up with Nox and Aurora… light and dark. So that’s why I have the name Nox – the goddess of night aka Nox, Nix or Nyx depending on which version you go with. (Nox is the name used in the Incarnations of Immortality too) I was named Durante after my FA character but things started getting confusing so AJ asked her myth guy about names she could use that were along the same vein opposites and he came up with Sétanta which is the given name for Cu Chulainn and was named Ireland’s Son of Light. So my mom is partial if not full Irish. I probably don’t mention it much in story but maybe AJ will remember it a little.

  7. As for the last I’m going to go with. I am a fictional character. I live in the head of my creator AJ. Who has this elaborate place I roam around in. I like to take over and chat with the outside world and AJ indulges me. But I am a figment of AJ’s imagination. And I’m perfectly content here. And AJ isn’t ready to get rid of me yet so I’m here for a lot longer.

My Nominations

I don’t know if I follow enough people. So if you’d like to be nominated I’ll gladly let pretend I nominated you.

I decided I’d give it a go and nominate people. Some of my favorite people!

Okay I ran out of people…. sorry I’m short on people. I don’t want to keep grasping for straws here so here ya’ll go.