New Character

There are a few new characters who you’ll see and not see. Today I’d like to introduce one of them. But I’m not going to tell you who it is. No description of them, if you could hear their voice you’d hear one of those sound modifications from back in the 80s.

Today we are sitting on my couch in my studio apartment. Me on one end and my guest on the other end of the L shaped couch. The glass table in the middle has a coffee cream with two sugars from the best beans I could find freshly ground and brewed in a french press to make the perfect coffee. Mine was straight up black.

With a sip of his coffee he smirks at me and I can’t help but smile. “I’d ask you what you’d prefer to drink but I’ll forgo that question since we already have coffee.”

“You’re going to ask those stupid questions aren’t you?”

I grinned. “Yeah. That okay?”

“You know what they say, stupid questions get stupid answers.”

“I’m okay with that. What did you eat for breakfast?”

“Really?” He sighed and shoved his fingers through his hair, “Pancakes and bacon, sadly no ice-cream.”

“That was disappointing?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Not really. But I like ice-cream on my pancakes.”

“Did you make it yourself?”

“I make pancakes from a box, so no. These were fresh and made from scratch.”

“What time did you eat breakfast?”

My guest looked down at his leather banded watch and smirked. “8am on the dot?” He looked to me, “That about right?”

I smirked. “Sounds about right.”

“Did you clean up after yourself or do you have a maid?”

“I cleaned up because I didn’t cook. But I have a cleaning lady who does the cleaning, ironing, laundry, dusting vacuuming, all that sorta thing.”

I asked, “You mind if we get a little more personal now?”

“Go right ahead, Pretty Boy.”

I licked my lips and sighed. “Really giving it away there aren’t you.”

“As if the food question didn’t already.”

I shrugged, “I guess. So, Are you an only child? How many siblings do you have? Are you close or are you estranged?”

My guest sat back against the couch and spread out across his side of the furniture with a bright smirk on his face. He knew exactly what he did to me putting himself on display like that. I fought back the urge to stop the interview and leave all my readers hanging. But he answered. “I’m an only child. My father was killed before I was born, and my mother never had any time for other children after I was born.”

“Are you married? Are you divorced? How many times have you been married?”

“Are you asking for yourself or a friend?” He quipped.

“I already know the answer to the question.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“So why did you ask?” The sarcastic wonder dripped from his voice.

“To give my readers an idea of what you are like.”

He sighed. “I’m perfectly single at the start of your silly little story.”

“My silly little story?”

“Yes. It’s not mine. It wouldn’t be silly or little if it were mine.”

I chuckled. “I’m not going there. What is your earliest memory?”

He ran his fingers through his hair mussing it up even more. He did it on purpose. His smirk said so. “I guess I was four or five and my Mom was playing the guitar on the edge of a fountain and I was sitting on the ground with a hat in my lap and people were dropping money in as they passed by. Sometimes they’d stand and watch her sing.” I could see the longing in his eyes. He missed his mother.

I was a little afraid to ask the next question. But I did anyway, “If you could go back in time for one day, where would you go?”

“I don’t know, Nox. Really. I could say the day my Mom died, talk her into staying with me.” His eyes dropped, “But then I wouldn’t have meet Kate, or you.”

I laughed. “I think we would have met eventually. I think it was inevitable. Fate/Destiny whatever they want to call it.”

“So yo’re saying we were meant to meet, someday?”

I shrugged. “We dreamt about each other, so yeah. I can’t imagine the fates would stick us in each others head and then never let us meet.”

He shook his head, shaking his dark hair into is face then pushing it back absently. “You’d go back to the same thing, but you wouldn’t change anything would you?”

“I wouldn’t change anything. I’d tell my Mom I loved her and I forgave her. But I don’t wish she was alive. I wouldn’t change anything. Not a thing.”

“Not even Garrett?” He asked sitting forward and giving me that look of sympathy.

“No. Not even that. I am who I am because of him. I hate him for what he did, but I wouldn’t be right here, right now.”

“I think we’re done here, Nox.” He gave me that smile that said he was done.

I nodded, “You’ve gotten the farthest.”

He chuckled. “I know. I have other plans now though.” He stood up and offered me his hand which I took without hesitation and followed. I flicked the ‘camera’ off with a flow of air and that’s it for today.