We Should Talk

Sage had watched Nox walk away from them. Dee stormed off in the other direction and he was torn between them. He’d brought Dev and Dee into their life. He’d pulled away from Nox. Jealousy was only a minor point on the reason and Sage knew it deep down. Dee needed him, Nox didn’t. It wasn’t that Nox wasn’t needy. Nox was pulled to take care of him even though they had started out the other way around. But Sage had given up that card and Nox went into protective mode. Sage loved that about him. Loved that he was willing to be more than what he was so Sage could be happy.

But Sage knew he wanted to take care of someone. He was traditional. He was a man and that’s how he was raised. To take care of his family. Nox didn’t need that – he needed emotional help. He needed to be strong, but he needed to give up complete control at times to just be there. It had scared him. It still scared him that someone could be so polar in everything.

But Sage looked at Dee as she walked away from him. Nox only wanted what was best for them all. Was Dee really causing that many problems? Sage almost wanted to call Dev but he didn’t really want to know that bad.

By the time he’d made up his mind Nox had someone in his office. One of Cari Giovanni’s lacky’s. He was always around the vampire, hanging on her like a love sick puppy. Sage waited outside of Nox’s office until the man left. Sage offered him a smile as he walked out and hesitated only a minute before he was inside the office closing the door.

Nox was grinning but reading the screen in front of him. “You smelled me?”

Nox flicked his eyes up in a quick motion and it tousled the fringe covering his forehead into his eyes. Today’s blue was inspired by Dev’s eye color. And oddly Sage found it more appealing than when Nox did the darker color of his eyes. It didn’t get quite so lost in the dark color of Nox’s natural color. Sage’s mouth watered and he was very glad Dev wasn’t around. Nox’s grin grew wider, “And I smell how much you want me too.”

Sage could feel the heat rising in his neck and cheeks. “I don’t think that will ever change, even if I’m pissed at you.”

“Are you pissed at me?” Nox asked. His voice sounding defeated and lost. How could one guy go from chipper and happy to down right depressed in such a flip of a moment.

Sage thought Nox was just as manipulative as everyone else in this house. “I hate when you do that?”

Nox’s eyes flicked up again to meet his, “Hate when I do what?”

“When you switch emotions to manipulate me.”

His frown deepened and he leaned back in his office chair and stared at me. I could see the gears turning. “I don’t do it to manipulate you Sage. I’ll try to keep the mask tighter around you.” He sat forward again and pulled his chair up against the desk essentially saying he was done. But Sage wasn’t done.

He marched around the desk and grabbed the chair and spun Nox to look at him. “I’m tired of the theatrics Nox. You claim everyone is manipulating me. You do it too.”

Nox’s eyes went wide, in shock or horror Sage wasn’t sure. There was no smirk. Just Nox’s chocolate brown eyes staring back at me underneath those long lashes. Dev called him a pretty boy. Nox was not a boy but he was certainly a pretty boy. He was as much a player as the day Sage had met him. Except now he only played with the three of them.

Nox’s eyes dropped and he nodded. “How would you have me behave Sage?”

Fuck, “You aren’t going into submissive mode. Nox. You can stop being such an ass.”

“You knew I was an ass when you met me.” He said with agony. Sage hated to hear the dejected tone. But he continued, “Tell me what I’m doing wrong and I’ll stop.”

Sage sighed. “That. Nox. This is what you do wrong. You go from happy to pissed off to depressed in the span of seconds. Stop.”

He sighed. “Sage I can’t. Do you want me to be myself or do you want me to pretend that I’m happy? You can’t have both.”

“I don’t want you to pretend Nox.” Sage whined.

Nox chuckled. “Now who’s manipulating who? I will try to watch my mood swings around you.” His voice fell the last half of the sentence as he stared back at me. “Anything else?” he asked.

Sage stared at him for a long time looking at the defeat in his eyes. How did they get here? Had Dee really pulled them apart? Adam too? Or was it all on Nox? Nox was always gone, always working. A voice in Sage’s head said, and where were you? You are part of this relationship too. The dream he’d had sprang to mind. The visions of helping people, of being bigger than life itself. Sage sank to his knees and crawled between Nox’s legs and rested his head on Nox’s leg. “I’m sorry.”

Sage curled against the bottom of the chair for a long time before Nox’s hand fell to Sage’s back and started rubbing small circles against his shirt. The long fingers of his boyfriend were running through Sage’s mop of hair comforting him. Sage looked up at Nox, sitting on his heels. “You and I need to work on things too.”

Nox nodded. “Yeah, we do.” Nox licked his lips, “I like this view.”

Sage could feel the blood rushing to his cock and creeping up his neck. Sage looked around the office. There was glass everywhere. Floor to ceiling panes of glass, the only thing blocking any view was the desk, the chair and his own body. Sage bit his bottom lip much like Nox would when he was being shy or extra flirty. The heat in Nox’s eyes was all too telling, he had the same thoughts.

Sage drew his hands up Nox’s jeans and watched Nox’s expression as he unbutton his jeans and pulled down the zipper. Sage wondered what Nox smelled now. He knew that he could be caught and it sent a thrill through him. Sage wasn’t an exhibitionist, but with Nox everything always changed. Sage pulled out his boyfriend cock from his jeans and boxers and was surprised at how aroused he was.

Sage licked the base of Nox’s cock before he sucked the tip and Nox groaned. His hands went behind his head. Nox liked to touch, Sage didn’t know why he tortured himself by doing that. Sage released Nox’s cock with a soft pop and whispered, “Touch me.”

Nox’s voice caught as he tried to speak. “No.” He started again, this time the desire in his voice was unmistakable, “If I touch you, I’ll make you stop.”

“Why?” Sage sat back on his heels.

Nox grinned at him, “I’d rather you be doing other things than sucking my cock.”

Sage blushed as he whispered, “Like what?”

“Fucking me for starters.” he said without any hesitation in his voice.

“You want me to …. here?” Sage asked shyly.

Nox grinned, “Yes, but only if you want to.”

There was no question about want to, Sage had wanted more than to suck his cock. Sage stood up, it wasn’t as graceful as Nox would have but Nox never complained Sage nodded and wiggled his fingers for Nox to stand up. They were standing behind the desk and Nox was too dressed for Sage’s liking. He pulled the hem of Nox’s shirt over his head and once his lips were free of the neck Sage kissed the soft kissable lips. Nox moan and had stopped disrobing. Sage whispered, “You can take it off as he turned Nox around and jammed his hands inside of Nox’s jeans and shoved them down.

Sage loved being behind Nox. Before it was all about the trust, now, his perfect back was so sensitive Sage loved playing his tongue along the lines of it. His lips brushing against it. Sage wrapped his hand around Nox’s long length and stroked with each caressed of his lips against his back.

Nox was putty he bent over as Sage pressed inside him one hand on his cock, the other stroking his chest and his hip to pull against him so he could bury himself deep inside his lover. It didn’t take long for Nox to climax. He had let himself go, let himself come first which made Sage spill inside of him. He fell against Nox and sighed with contentment. “Why is it always about the sex?” Sage joked.

Nox laughed. “It’s what we do best, love.” Nox stood up and turned around in my embrace and looked at me. “Sage. I love you. I don’t want to fight.”

“I don’t either.” Sage said. “I don’t think we know how to do anything else.”

Nox grinned, “We fuck pretty well.”

Sage blushed and hit Nox’s shoulder, “Get dressed. I want to take you to lunch.”

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