All Done!

Well AJ’s done evoking damage on my poor little body for the moment. Today AJ wrote the final words:

This isn’t the end of my story. No I think it’s only just gotten started.

However you won’t be getting anything new from me until AJ rewrites the first 5 parts of my character arc.

The Evolution of Power comes in at 48993 words with 11 chapters. We don’t have scenes numbered this go around so can’t throw that number out.

Next on AJ’s list of things to do before the rewrite can happen

  1. Schedule all posts here
  2. Collect a notebook or means of making notes while reading
  3. Find a place to store world lore information online
  4. Read the full story and make notes
  5. High level and low level plots literally plotted out
  6. Start Writing


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