I know I’ve gone on about how Nerd Fitness is one of AJ’s go to motivational and habit forming platforms (too bad it doesn’t work for fitness). One of their key things is treating yourself after you reach a SMART goal. (Check out the nerd fitness article for more information if you don’t know what a SMART goal is)

The key in the reward system is to make it fun and not counter to your actual goal. So if you are trying to lose weight it can’t be a sugary treat. More like a new pair of running shoes. Those things don’t work for AJ. Kinda in the if I need it I buy it and if I don’t need it well then I don’t have the money for it so it’s not worth buying.

AJ wants to take a writing class with an actual instructor and someone who will actually critique her work in a way that tells her (hopefully) where all the bad parts are. But it’s $400 and AJ can’t afford to do it now, so she won’t be able to do it later when said reward comes around. She could save for it, but then that 400 could be put towards credit cards instead. Adulting is so hard sometimes – so glad I don’t have to do it!

But AJ and her daughter are doing a year long challenge. Word Count matters, But this isn’t like NaNoWriMo where it’s a race to 50000. AJ will set a reward at the end of each month and then a big one for the year. AJ has a few minor goals in hand. We actually have a writing schedule. The Evolution of Power needs to be done by months end so we can start the read through and plot hole hunting.

By years end we hope to have in your hot little hands all 5 books reworked. We haven’t decided if you’ll get it in between then and now tho. We’ll see.

What do you treat yourself with?