New Year’s Day

AJ actually managed to see the New Year in. Was in bed and trying to sleep but the fireworks outside started their barrage at midnight so that’s how you know the New Year came in with a bang. It’s currently in the 20’s feels like the teens. Which even for AJ she says thats kinda wussy but it’s friggin cold.

Today is the day of New Year Resolutions. Me? I only have 1 goal – 365 posts. This year though I’m going to make the caveat, I can’t used the story as a post. December saw a drop in readership because there was very little conversation from me. Yeah I know it’s a little one sided.

But that’s my goal. One unique post for all you loyal readers. Hopefully I don’t scare any of you away. There are some changes coming for me in a rewrite. AJ hasn’t decided if ya’ll will get a read or not. So there might not be any story anyway.

Darwynn’s Law is getting rewritten into story format.

AJ wants to share her Personal Writing Word Count and Editing log. This year every bit of writing will get tracked to see how well we did. We can make assumptions but this will work better. Now if AJ could figure out how to make it all graphically pleasing. That would be a great thing.

Anyway. I wish you all a great and prosperous New Year and I hope you stick around for another fun filled year of my ramblings!

Phone Calls

I was being the responsible adult. I watched from my vantage point, my height and my perch were good. But I wasn’t sitting here to be the skeevy dad watching the kids, I was watching my kitchen, and making sure the kids didn’t spike the punch that I sat next to. The food was nearly gone, I might have to order pizza. I hated ordering pizza. And the pizza delivery guy, even though the store was downstairs hated taking the elevator all the way to the top floor. Even though we tipped well.

Jace and Mia were dancing. I could hear Dee in the hall but I couldn’t make out what she was saying without prying. I assumed Dev was with her. I wondered if they were still fighting about him going on tour.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out to see an unknown number. Jin was already on it I saw her picking up the land line that was my office line. It forwarded to my phone but Jin was on the ball as usual. Even on the weekends. She never took a day off. It bothered me a little. Both her and Ant never took a day to themselves. They were going to get burnt out and I was going to be the cause of it.

Jin saw me watching her across the way and nodded for me to pick up the phone. I answered professionally. “TCP Investigations, this is Nox, can I help you?”

The voice on the other side was frantic. “Yes. I was just telling your secretary Mr. Nox. I hate to bother you. But it’s an emergency. The new moon is in a few days. Rob’s been out, he should have been safe. But he’s changed. I saw him. He’s going to hurt someone or get himself killed. You have to help.”

I sighed. “Mr. Escalante, you are saying you found Rob?”

“No. Well yes. He came home last night.”

“You didn’t call me.”

“No, we… He’s changed. He doesn’t have control. Roberto can’t handle the moons full phases. There are Venatori hunting him.”

“Where is he?” I hopped off the counter and headed for the back hall. Mr Escalante relayed where he’d last seen Rob and I took note and hung up the phone.

I found Dee blocking the hall with both her hands extended and her legs making a big X. She shouted at Dev, “You can’t go we have a date tomorrow.”

He looked back at me. If I didn’t know Dev better I’d say he was about to punch the girl in front of him. But the look was gone in moments and he was smiling at me. “Nox. Manson called said we have a once in a life time chance to open for a big name band in Las Vegas. The opening act got sick, he promised them we’d be there for the Sunday show and last until Thursday before we have to get on the plane to hit a show in Cali. Dee’s being unreasonable.”

I sighed. If there wasn’t drama in my day to day life I think I’d died and gone to heaven. If I believed in heaven that was. But that was so not my life. I grabbed Dee from behind and lifted her effortlessly out of the way. She squrimed and kicked and screamed as I physically moved her out of Dev’s way.

When I let her go she hit me in the chest repeatedly. “Ow.” I said and she looked up at me and slapped my face. “I hate you both.”

I rolled my eyes and she stalked off back to our bedroom. Sage was standing in the doorway to his room with Adam in the background.

I nodded. “You might want to check on Ms. Temper Tantrum.”

He smiled and kissed Dev on the cheek. “She’s right you know. We had plans. You are getting as bad as him.” But he hugged our rockstar, “Have fun and bring me back suveniors.”

Dev wasn’t looking happy. I turned and called after Sage. “I need to go out, my client’s son turned again and is in Central Park. I need to find him before someone gets hurt.”

Sage growled but nodded.

Dev sighed. “Seems they will be mad at both of us.”

I shrugged. “When aren’t they mad at me.”

I grabbed Dev’s bag and hefted it over my shoulder. “Let me walk you to the elevator.”

He took his bag and snaked his free arm around my waist. “Let me do that.”

I didn’t argue with Dev. I let him protectively walk me to our door. Ant was already at the elevator doors waiting and Jin had taken up my spot next to the punch bowl. I absolutely adored them. Never a fight. Unlike everyone else in my family.

The three of us embarked the elevator and Dev dropped his bag and Ant stood in front of the entrance, if anyone wanted on they’d have a hard time getting past him. Thankfully he made the elevator an express down, so we had it all to ourselves for a few minutes anyway. Dev pressed me to the back of the elevator and kissed me hard. “I’ll miss you.”

I grinned back at him. “I’ll miss you, but I’ll dream about you every night.”

Dev laughed. “I know you will.” He sighed, “You aren’t mad I’m not going to be here for our date?”

“Not mad, disappointed, but maybe it’s good me, Dee and Sage go alone.”

Dev laughed, “You won’t go, something will come up. It always does.”

I frowned. “I’m sorry.” I ducked my head and Dev lifted it with two fingers. I looked at him with questions in my eyes. Nothing I could say would relay how bad I felt that I was causing our relationships to falter.

“It’s not just you, pretty boy. Deadshot and our princess is just as much to blame as me and you. We all do it together. That’s the problem.”

I sighed. “But…”

Dev kissed me hard cutting off my words making me forget my own thoughts – or maybe that was Dev’s influence. I didn’t care. I was kissing my rockstar good-bye as he embarked on his first tour. I was excited.

Dev laughed. “You’d think it was you going on tour.”

I grinned at him. “How often do I get to say that’s my boyfriend up on stage?”

Dev smirked. “Everytime I preform.”

“How many times is he opening for a big band name?”

“This will be the first.” Dev said as the elevator doors opened. “I’ll see you tonight in our dreams provided I get some sleep on the plane or in the hotel.”

I nodded. “Stay safe.”

He nodded. “You too pretty boy.”

I watched as Dev walked quickly to the lobby entrance. I headed for the stairs to the subway station below. I had to catch a train that was were Rob was last seen.

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