When AJ started this we didn’t expect a lot of draw. I’m a pretty niche topic. I mean I ramble about things that aren’t real. I ramble about things that some of you might understand, or about things you think I’m saying completely wrong. (And if that is the case please shoot me an email or a comment, I don’t want to make a demographic feel uncomfortable unwittingly – I don’t mind if I do it on purpose but on accident that’s not my style.)

But after two years and one year of daily posts I have 300 followers. That seems nearly unfathomable except those are the numbers. 300 of you follow my rambling regularly. 300 souls who take pity on my fictitious heart and say ‘hey I like you’.

So with a flourishing bow and a tip of my invisible hat I salute you. Without you I’d be nothing but a figment of some crazy person’s imagination. You give me life beyond imagining.

In the coming New Year I want to try to interact more with you. But so far it’s been like pulling teeth. A few regular commenters who absolutely make my day with every comment. So if you have any ideas how that might work, or what you might like to see I’m all ears.

I had mentioned the “Dear Nox” thing. A Dear Abby type shtick. But I dunno AJ would have to get some questions geared up since we have no questions yet. Could you see me giving love advice? My fucking love life is a chaotic mess… Wait till you see more of it in The Evolution of Power. I expect in a few weeks you’ll start seeing it. New Years Eve is scheduled for the end of And With Great Power.

There is a final short story AJ wrote over NaNoWriMo but if you see it’ll be over at The Stars, Moon and You as it’s a short for Zane and Angel. But AJ intends to allude to it and keep it secret until after their next story. Which will happen AFTER the Evolution of power probably while AJ is reading my entire story (which you can find in the Collections in the menu) and taking notes on characters, dates, plot holes, locations, and nearly every other story item you can think of before we attempt a rewrite/edit. I’m still pushing for a big change, but we’ll see how Evolution plays out.

Anyway. Thank you for following me! You are the reason I keep plodding along here. Well that and I like the sound of my own voice! I love you all. Thank you.

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