I just wanted to post this little snippet to get back in the habit of posting daily – as December will fall here soon and I don’t have many scheduled posts. And with Great Power may not make it to the end of the month, and AJ doesn’t have anything after the First Vestige, so you’ll just have to suffer through all my ramblings.

AJ wow NaNo. I mentioned that before, but NaNo is a great habit builder. For all those out there who didn’t quite make their goals, I say you won! You tried and as long as you don’t let that minor fact make you stop then you really won. Keep chugging away. God knows AJ knows the feeling.

AJ has two books to plan. One you’ll get here, the other you’ll probably see over at Stars, Moon and You. AJ also is using Dabble to plan and write them. AJ has a subscription and everything and will apply her winning coupon as soon as she gets it, but it is well worth the price and right now it’s still on sale as it’s an introductory offer. Jacob is a great guy, and responsive that’s key in anything.

There are a few things that AJ wants to do too and that’s work on drawing. Really work on it. And then there is coding and learning outside of work. As long as she keeps on writing I’ll be happy and I don’t expect she’ll stop anytime soon. But after my next book AJ’s going into edit/reread/rewrite mode. I’m pushing a change that would make me feel better, and help AJ feel less like she’s forcing me into a box. Which is the biggest reason AJ never shared her work publicly before. She’s always making changes – fundamental ones. Like my age, who my ONE is. We haven’t agreed on things yet. But I’m told I have to finish the arc first before we can consider the rewrite the way I want.