Missed Chances

#throwbackthursday This one is a reminder of Dev and Sage’s feelings towards each other in the beginning, how it wasn’t about me completely.

The Mind of Nox

A short following Rockstar and before The Children of Morpheus.

Weeks of being with Nox had changed things drastically. He’s shown me things I never knew existed. There is this little boy who is half a dragon and he can do magic and has these beautiful orange eyes, a dark skin that isn’t human and hair made of spun gold. And I fell in love him as easily and as quickly as I did Nox. The man has a huge heart. He took in a boy who’d lost everything.

He understands me in a way no one has before. I’ve been with others before who would indulge me. But not like Nox. Everything about him is about pleasing me. Not like doing my bidding or my slave. He wants to share pleasure with me. Nox’s greatest kink is to please his lovers. I’m not sure how this works. I want…

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