This was a fun one. I’m so not into glitter!

The Mind of Nox

I know I’ve spoken about my alter egos in AJs mind. There is the original Nox – the rp character who is slowly falling more in line with the rest of us. The First Age Nox was straight – he was never intended to like men. At least not upon creation, but as AJ wrote him that changed, but by then he’d also pretty much said “I don’t swing that way.”

So long story short, FA Nox is slowly learning he’s liked boys for a long time. There’s a whole back story unfolding, that doesn’t hurt the things he’s done in the past. And there is a whole new future unfolding in front of him.

And then there is the glittery me. Well the one who is more glittery than I am. I’m not the original character, but I am the one to which all others are based. AJ has…

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