The Shrew

Taming the shrew isn’t that a book? Wasn’t there a movie that kinda went like the theme in the novel? AJ’s never read it. She’s seen the movie – Heath Ledger is in it as a young man – of course she’s seen it. Can’t think of the name of the movie tho.

a bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman.

Yep this sums up my goddess! Well not really. This is AJ in her writing and online. In reality she’s a quiet mouse of a girl who her boss comes in and checks on cause he hasn’t seen her in weeks. All quiet and shy. AJ can talk a lot if she’s comfortable, but if not then well you get her quiet side.

But AJ has no problem being a witch with a capital B to me and my friends. But I think that’s all writers. Us characters we get this shit end of the deal. We don’t get real bodies, we don’t necessarily have this perfect image for everyone. I know my ego is huge so in my eyes I’m awesome. (In AJ’s eyes I’m awesome too but she keeps that too herself).

Then there is you guys, who have to at least think I’m okay to stick around and listen to my rambling. And all that ego that goes with it. I know some of you are here for my story. Yay! And I appreciate that. I do love you too.

I should start calling AJ the Shrew instead of my goddess. Wait? What? Um, yeah let’s nix that idea. I think AJ’s planning a death scene – one I won’t like. You kill my family, woman and I’ll …

Anyway I’ll make nice. Check out The Moon, Stars and You – read the latest installment of Once Upon a Dream, Zane and Angel had their first real encounter.

And as always catch up with The First Vestige. AJ’s still writing this and hoping to finish it before November to finish off this arc. We are planning it.