I’m not very focused lately. The world seems to be kicking me while I’m down now that I’m not being my strong confident self. It’s rather funny since all it ever was was an act anyway. I hide behind the confidence and outgoing nature.

I hide in plain sight. And now it’s backfiring. Now that I’m not an outcast in their face but truly an outcast I’m lost. I don’t know what to do. Hopefully this thing with Ant will help me find my way again. One can only hope.

AJ isn’t very focused either. Not sure what’s up with AJ right now. Other than that it’s more challenging to get me out. But it’s harder to focus at work too. I’m thinking it’s a hidden migraine. AJ had one a few days ago but didn’t last long. I’ll let you know if my theory is correct in a few days.

Calling Ant

We walked to the entrance but I stopped at the bottom of the stairs. Dee sighed and wrapped her arms around me and I hugged her shoulders to me while I leaned against the wall. It was slightly romanic, but I was tense. Vampires ripping through New York would be a bad thing.

Ant picked up, “Hey Nox. It’s been a while.”

“No vampire business to deal with anymore. Except there is.”

Ant sighed. “We already know your dad is hunting some of us. I’m not having any luck myself. My mother is coming to town to deal with it. Some prince of the city I am.” He laughed.

“You do better than Desmond. He has little control.”

Ant grinned, “He’s just a CCB lackey anyway. He does what they say, not what the council says he should be doing.”

“I know. My dad wants help. I told him I’d call.”

“Where you at? Mother says if she helps your father you have to help us. She wants to meet you now.” Ant said with a little surprise in his voice.

“I’m in a subway outside of Dev and Dee’s place. But I’m busy right now.”

Ant laughed, “Your boy can wait.”

“Dev is at work. I’m on a date with Dee.” I said. Dee shifted against me and looked up at me with a smile.

“Mom won’t wait.”

I sighed. “I’ll meet her at the Night Life building in 20?”

Ant took a few moments to relay the message to his mother. “She agrees. 20 minutes.”

Dee sighed but didn’t say anything until I hung up the phone. “Why do you have to go meet a vampire. You aren’t Venatori anymore!”

She pushed away from me and stalked up the stairs.

“Dee, come on. I haven’t seen Ant in months. I’ve not see Darwynn save for family get togethers, and mostly because you like him. And I see Adrian and Danny because I have wolves in my household.”

Dee kept walking in her three inch heels through the chilled weather. Now that the sun was gone it was brisk outside. “Dee stop.”

She kept on walking, “Go see your vampire friends. And don’t bother coming back to my place afterwards. You’ll see Dev in your fucking dreams.”

I sighed and watched Dee walk off. There was no point in chasing after her, she was pissed. And Dev was going to give me an ear full later. I sighed and turned to head for the Night Life building. I was going to be late but right now I didn’t give a fuck.

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Pop Culture

We all know I’m not really into the world of normal people things. My life revolved around learning how to kill monsters. Granted we had TV but since I grew up in he dorms it was always a shared TV amongst all those in the dorms. And being the outcast that I was I tended to avoid the places that everyone else was so I didn’t get picked on. So I read a lot but mostly I studied.

So during these last few months Sage and Dev have been introducing me to the world of pop culture starting off with their music and their movies. We recently just finished the first Star Wars trilogy. I’m not going to make any comments because I might hurt some feelings. But I could watch it again and I’m sure that Sage and Dev and even Drake will make me do so again. Sitting in front of the TV for too long grates on me. I have to get up and move do something.

But anyway today is Tune Tuesday and I figured I’d share some Star Wars cover music videos. And you’ll get a bonus cause AJ loves Zelda!

And Lindsey Sterling’s Zelda Video