There is No Crying in…

Hey I know a quote…

There is no crying in baseball.

Actually I’m pulling that from AJ’s memory I’ve never seen A League of Their Own. AJ has though.

In other words – you get no sympathy from me. This is really how I feel the world is. No sympathy for the lost soul that I’ve become. Sage is happy, so he ignores it. Dee is pissy cause I broke her shield, and I’m hurting Dev. Dev is hurt cause I’m blocking him so I can not overwhelm Dee. I’m between a rock and a hard place. (And now I’m seeing that South Park scene AJ was mindfully ignoring while her love watched The South Park Movie.)

In other news, AJ started The First Vestige today. I’ll be posting the story once a day until it’s done. So my sympathy for over doing the posts during the week.

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