I leaned back against the chair and let my head fall backwards. I ached. My body still was still repairing itself it seemed and I had expended a great deal of energy in the fires. There was a knock on the door and Madison was outside, “He’s in here. We’ll have someone bring his lunch down so you can have as much time as you’d … Continue reading Visitors

Ray’s Fairy Tail

AJ’s daughter is writing a fanfiction for a popular anime series Fairy Tail. AJ told her I would promote her new blog. So that’s what I’m going to do. You can follow along at Ray’s Fairy Tail. AJ’s daughter is ten, so please forgive the mess of the site, AJ hasn’t helped out there yet. And she’s already been informed she needs to write in … Continue reading Ray’s Fairy Tail


I didn’t really hear someone came in on a higher level, but when the cold hand touched my arm I jumped. But I had heard them gasp and come in. I had changed the pattern around me to avoid anyone else. I heard a soft voice but the blood rushing through my ears and the fury in my blood was still making it hard to … Continue reading Crisis