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Twist and Shout

I’m not posting the lyrics to this one. I don’t have any references to how school dances work but when AJ was a kid this one played at every dance and it was years upon years since it came out then.

I will admit to liking the song. Actually the 60s and 70s ROCK music was pretty bad ass. They don’t make music like that anymore. I’m sure every generation says that.

The 20s was full of big band and swing dancing and Jazz was becoming a thing. I love swing dancing. One of my favorites to show off with.

The music in the 60s is all about getting up and moving – Elvis, Buddy Holly, being two of my favorites. In today’s day and age with you tube such a prevalenat thing it’s a no brainer for music of many generations to make their way back up into main stream. Streaming services will make it even more so specially those random stations. Play me ‘alternative’ and you’ll eventually get something old school.

One of my favorite bands (one of AJs favorite bands too) is actually two guys playing cello. AJ started listening to 2cellos because of her love. But it wasn’t until AJ chose Luka as an avatar for me at First Age that she started paying attention to them for real. Since then I’ve fallen in love with some of their versions of songs. Some of my favorites are below, in no particular order


    1. The video is awesome. I love that Steven was in it and played with them. I think he played with them on stage too once. They played with red hot chilli peppers.

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