I started asking around about how I could get some computer time and I was repeatedly asked when is your group’s time? I had no idea. No one gave me a schedule, which meant that it looked like I got it many an hour or so day. Lori said we could go just before lunch. I sighed and waited as we sat in front of … Continue reading Trades

Me and You

lyrics The lyrics and the video had absolutely NOTHING to do with one another. It’s like the background music to some scene in a movie. I’ll be honest though, this was the second song. The first one was a rap song about having sex with a girl who you didn’t care who she had sex with… It was vulgar and AJ turned it off the … Continue reading Me and You


Between the time I had woken up and I was able to actually leave my room had been enough time to get in another longer workout and I found I was able to walk a lot better. Still weak and it strained my muscles but thank god for Venatori metabolism and healing power. I was thankful for that. I walked under my own power past … Continue reading Breakfast