Tie Me Up (NSFW)

The one thing that I’d come to expect on Thursday night was Nox cooking in my kitchen. He knew I went to the office on Thursday, and he knew I wouldn’t be home. He used his key and he would make dinner. It would be ready on the island on the bar, there would be a three-year-old running around my house like a bat outta hell and we’d settle in for a dinner and a kid friendly movie.

What I did not expect was for Nox to be in my kitchen half naked – where only boxers and an apron. He complained about the naked kitchen porn scenes – like really who cooks naked? Sitting on the island where we ate was a red lobster. I grinned at him. He was living up to his end of the bargain. He smiled at me when he saw me standing in the kitchen. “I’m sorry it took so long. I had to find the right instructions.”

I laughed at him. “I never actually expected you to cook me lobster.”

He walked around the island and wrapped his long arms around me and drew me in to kiss, “Love, I promised you lobster I’m going to make you lobster. It’s got the butter garlic dipping sauce and a good side of pasta salad with sun dried tomatoes, olives and basil in a light pesto sauce.”

I kissed him on the lips softly, he tasted like butter and garlic like he’d been tasting his own food while he cooked. I moaned a little and made Nox chuckle. “No vegetables?”

“Special occasion.” He whispered. “I intend to work off all the carbs.” He bit my bottom lip and pulled away from me, “Eat love. I want to show you something later.”

I looked around expecting him to call Drake down, but he sat down and smiled at me, “He’s with my father. I told him I wanted a night a lone with you. He said I don’t want to know what you and your lover do.”

The lobster was heaven. I’d only had lobster once, and that was at my uncle’s first wedding. I only had a small taste and I really don’t remember it. But this was melt in your mouth good. Everything on my plate was gone. And when we were done Nox cleaned up. Usually I would, but he didn’t let me lift a finger. He told me to sit down and watch a show. I didn’t I flipped channels while he finished the kitchen clean up.

Afterwards he came in wearing just his boxers and smiled at me. “Come up in ten minutes.”

I raised my eyebrow and he grinned at me. I nodded, “Alright.” We’d had some interesting nights alone these past few weeks. Nox was showing me something which meant we weren’t doing something I was prompting – or were we. I was suddenly a little afraid but my cock was hard in anticipation. Nox was very into sex. Any night I wanted to have sex he was game, I don’t think he ever said no.

Ten minutes was too long, but I waited and I ran up the stairs though I slowed down before I got to my room. Inside Nox had a box on the bed. He smiled at me. “Sage. Everything we do tonight is part of what I enjoy. But if you don’t like any of it, then we never do it again. Is that okay?”

I nodded. “Of course. You’ve been more than willing to watch with me. I think I can do this.”

He grinned at me sat down on the edge of the bed still in his boxers. “There are only three rules. 1. No hitting. No slapping, spanking, or other types, not even in the attaboy type jesters.” I nodded and the first rule, not overly surprising considering the state of his back. “2. You can touch my back, but no one else can.” I nodded again, not surprised there either. “And 3. We always use condoms. Especially if there is a woman involved.” This last one surprised me a little, but it was understandable. He continued, “I have two safe words. It’s like the stop lights. Yellow is a caution, if I say it it means I’m really close to having a panic attack or I really can’t take much more. And then there is red, which means full stop, hands off, untie me or release me from whatever bonds and the scene is over.”

I nodded biting my bottom lip, safe words were used in BSDM, bondage and pain and domination and submission. I had watched plenty of it, but I hadn’t really thought about it doing ti with Nox. Hitting seemed to be a big part of punishment I wasn’t sure how that would work.

Nox stood on the bed and attached a strap to each side post at the foot of the bed. They were just leather straps. At the foot he attached two cuffs. Nox grinned at me and he looked at me, “Do you want to try it first?”

I took a breathe and held it. He smiled at me, “You don’t have to stay, but I’d like for you to at least feel the straps against your wrists. It helps know what your partner is feeling.”

I nodded and Nox pulled me closer and undid my belt and khaki’s, “We don’t want to ruin them.” He took off the white button down as well, leaving me with my white t-shirt and boxers. He didn’t remove any of my other clothes as he pulled one hand up above my head and sliped my hand through the leather strap. “Grab here.” He showed me where and I closed my fist around it. It wasn’t so bad. He did my other wrist then knelt down and looked up at me. His brown eyes were shining and dark with lust as he looked up from his position. He smiled, “I like looking at you like this.”

I knew he meant up at me, I wasn’t thrilled with the position I was in. And I was even less thrilled when he spread my legs towards the other post. The straps cut into my wrist as I lowered closer to the ground. And when the other leg was strapped I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Nox stood up, his hands caressing my body through the fabric of what remained of my clothes. He asked, “You okay, or do you want me to take you out of these?”

“Out.” I mummbled and he didn’t wait a moment, there was no hesitation, no begging for me to stay inside. I’d had a lover once who tried to push me into things like this. It was part of the problem with being tied up like this. I let go of one of the straps before Nox finished unstrapping me and I fell towards the ground but Nox caught me before my arm wrenched in the remainng strap.

He kissed my neck and whispered, “Legs first, then hands, it’s easier. Stand up. And you can let go.”

I did as he instructed and I would remember that next time. Nox looked at my wrists and kissed the red mark the strap had made against the one wrist. He smiled at me, “We won’t tie you up again.”

I started to protest, “But…”

Nox put a finger to my lips to silence me. “If you want to try again, you only have to ask. I won’t ask it of you again.” And he was done with it he was turning to the box and opened the lid. Inside were various oils, and lubes. There were butt plugs, and dildos. Some vibrated, others had suction cups. There was some weird glass rods and things that looked pizza cutters. Blind folds and other restraints were tucked into the side. He sat down next to the box and pulled out a device that looked like it belonged in the kitchen and put one of those glass rods in it. “Go slow with the setings at first, but I can handle the highest. It can feel good or you can use it as a punishment.” He smiled at me. “But we don’t need to explore those parts now or anytime if you don’t feel comfortable.”

Nox took my hand and and pulled me close and I sat down next to him.. His leg was warm against mine. I took his hand out and put the device on the lowest setting and held it above his skin and it sparked as he ran it over the top of his hand. He touched it to his skin and I felt him shudder in pleasure. “Would you like to feel it?”

“Isn’t that the point of this?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No, the point is for you to do these things to me. But it helps to understand the tools.”

I asked, “Did Adrian do these things to you?”

“And many other things. But what Adrian did was to teach me, not out of pleasure.”

I laughed. “Like he didn’t enjoy any of it.”]

Nox laughed, “You are right. He did enjoy it but it was to teach more so.”

I held my hand out and Nox pressed the glass tube to the top of my hand. It sent a shock to my hand and I gasped. He raised it a hairs breathe above my skin and I felt a zap. “Ouch.”

Nox pulled my hand to him and he kissed the spot that had been zapped and licked it softly, “I’m sorry, I wanted to show you the difference.”

I understood and I nodded. He turned it off and set it aside and pulled out one of the pizza cutter things out and ran it across his skin. He bit back a gasp. I offered him my hand and he smiled at me and leaned over and kissed me deeply. “You are amazing.” He said breathlessly. He ran the spikey pizza cutter thing across my skin. It pricked but he didn’t push I imagined it would hurt more the harder you pushed. He set it down in the box. “I assume you know how everything else works?”

I nodded. “I think I can figure it out.”

He smiled. “Will you tie me up, love? Experiment with the toys. Not submission, just learning what I like, what you like to do, what you don’t.”

I asked, “Anything in the box?”

He nodded and offered me his hands. I smiled and I lifted his hand to the post and he slipped his hand through the strap. I kissed his arm before moving to the other and kissed his bicep as he pushed his hand through the strap. I wanted to look at him, in all his glory. I pulled down his boxers and he smiled at me. He was hard, and leaking and I wanted to talk him in my mouth. He watched me watching him. I licked my lips and he bit his bottom one. “Mmmmmm.” I licked the length of his cock and he shuddered. “I love that reaction, Nox.”

I put his legs in the cuffs and when I stood back up Nox hung from the straps. The leather cut into his wrists and pressed white pushing the blood from the area. He gasped softly but his cock twitched at the pain. He hung his head and he hung a little lower. His feet touched the posts now, there was no pressure on them and all his weight was on his wrists. I bent down to his ear and asked, “Why do you want to hurt?”

He let go of a breath, “It’s cleansing. It’s real. I know I can make it stop.” He looked up at me with those deep brown eyes of his, his voice was breathless. “I can’t take away the emotional hurt, but I can make this mine.”

Nox used the weirdest things to cope with the mess that his life. Sometimes I wanted to stop doing these things with him. To make him find a new way to cope. But the sex was something he enjoyed. Just like jumping from the buildings. He wasn’t hurting anyone. He hung his head again.

I looked in the box and found a feather. I didn’t have to hurt him. I could make it feel better. I touched the feather to the bounds on his wrists and he shivered. The feather ran down his arm and over his chest and up the other arm. His head fell backwards exposing his neck and I ran the feather over his adam’s apple and he gurgled his acceptance of the tender touch.

I ran the feather over every part of his body. His cock twitched and was leaking. I leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Can you come just from this touch?”

He chuckled and put his head forward so he could speak easier. “If you tell me to I will.” He looked so lost in lust and desire, his eyes were dark and bright at the same time. I knew he liked to be told what to do. I smiled at him, “Come for me love.” I ran the feather over his cock and he released almost instantly. I wondered how much he’d worked himself up over this. But I remembered all the times in the past week he’d didn’t let me help him finish. I smiled at him, “You’ve been waiting for this.” I whispered against his neck. “I want to fuck you now.”

He groaned and nodded, “Yes please.”

I undid his feet and then helped him stand up straight and he removed his hands from the straps. There were red marks on his wrist and I kissed them. He smiled at me. “We’ll work on aftercare later love. I have an idea for that. Right now love fuck me.”

I did as he asked. I kissed him hard, pressing my lips to his and sucked his lip into my mouth. He moaned against my lips and his hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me hard against his body. He was a lot harder than I expected him to be. He ground against me “MMMm…” I shoved him back and he landed on his back with a oomph. I reached behind him and grabbed a box of condoms behind him and tossed me one. He watched as I torn open the pack and opened the foil. His fingers twitching beside him waiting, wanting to touch me. I slid it on my hard cock and he let out a small moan. I leaned down on top of him and pressed my body to his. He whimpered beneath me. “Soon Nox. Soon.”

I smiled against his neck and ran my fingers down his arms and over the sides and pushed his arms over his head. I whispered, “Stay.” and he hummed his acceptance. I learned early that Nox liked to be told what to do, loved to be told to be still, when to come, just the little things. I loved holding him like this. He would drown in the pleasure I gave him and be unable to touch me until I said so. He loved to touch. I loved when he touched me but he liked this. I could see why now that he’d shown me this, his love of being vulnerable. I wanted to hurt the person who made him this way. But I would take care of him. I loved him.

Nox whimpered again bringing me back to him with a smile and I sat up and pushed inside him. He groaned as I pushed inside. His cock twitched and his rolled his head back, his hands clenched above his head but he didn’t move them. His head pushed backwards and I leaned forward thrusting inside of him and he moaned.

I pushed into him again and again slowly biting his neck. He whimpered underneath me. and I pushed harder and deeper. His back arched but his hands stayed above his head. I sat up and thrust harder and faster inside of him and he let out a loud moan and muttered my name. The one simple word pushed me over the edge and I inside of him. I thrust a few more times before Nox released again. His cock spurting cum over his stomach and he shuttered. I fell down next to him. I kissed his neck and his arms and I helped him move them down. He flexed his fingers and grinned at me. I whispered, “Touch me, please.” His arms wrapped around me and his fingers splayed against my back as he pulled me close. I hummed against his skin and closed my eyes. We’d sleep like this and he’d wake up with his alarm and off for a run before I would even know he was gone.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.