Game Night

Friday night’s were always the same. Even now that I was with Nox, they stayed the same. He didn’t believe in date night being Friday night. We’d go out whenever the fancy struck. Which for Nox was like never. He liked staying home and curling up with a book while I zoned out in front of the tv watching a random movie or a favorite show. Every Tuesday night we went to Aspect and danced. If he wasn’t working a case. Other than that we stayed home.

But Nox insisted that I hang with my friends even though he didn’t. He said he didn’t have any friends, but I knew that was a lie. His best friend just lived in Brooklyn so it was not an easy visit, and he had his own family now. So tonight I was at Sasha’s house early bearing gifts from Nox. He’d made extra on purpose – he claimed it was nothing special. But when you special make an entire batch of chicken wings for no other reason than he could the were special.

Sasha opened the door with a bright smile. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she took my bundle of food from my arms completely ignoring me otherwise. “My god, Sage, this smells wonderful. Where did you get it?” Sasha loved food. You’d never know from her frame but she ate worse than any guy I’d ever met. High metabolism and a yoga instructor I guess.

“Nox made it.”

“You mean the boy from the club you hooked up with?” Sasha asked as she set the wings on the game table and opened it taking a deep breathe of the wonderful goodness of a variety of wings. “How many kinds did he make?”

I shrugged, “I dunno. He tends to cook all day if I don’t interrupt him.”

“You sure he’s a he? Sounds too good to be true Sage.”

I sighed. “He’s a he. Trust me.”

Sasha giggled, “No don’t tell me about it. Alice won’t shut up about screwing him on the dance floor. Like it was the best fuck she’d ever had.”

“Alice is just use to having a guy take her home, wine and dine her and then sleeping with her in a bed. Not a guy like Nox, who’s typical MO is to flirt and then get in your pants that same night and never see you again.” I sighed, “I hope she knows that he won’t ever call. There are two girls numbers in his phone. Mia’s and Dae’lin’s. And those two he’s not calling for sex.”

“They why does he call them.” Sasha asked around a teriyaki sauced wing.

“Mia is his best friend’s wife and Dae’lin is his mentor slash boss. His therapist was in there, but that’s a long story I can’t share.”

Sasha pouted. “I want to hear all the juicy gossip your chef boyfriend has.”

“He’s not a chef and he’s not my boyfriend.”

She rolled her eyes. “You are an idiot. He’s a boy, he’s your ‘friend’, thus he’s your boyfriend.”

“And if he were transgender? What would you call him.”

Sasha three the meatless chicken bone at me. “He’s not. Is he?” Her voice rose up in curiosity and I stuck my tongue out at her. “See he’s not. He’s a normal guy, with normal homo-erotic tastes.”

“He’s hardly normal Sasha.” And that doesn’t even include all the weird she he does and is and the life and everything.

Sasha wrapped her arms around my neck, “Now you must tell me about that.”

I rolled my eyes. “He’s …. ” I couldn’t make the words come out and Sasha was laughing at the color in my cheeks.

She kissed my lips softly and walked away. “He makes you blush like that he’s gotta be good in bed.”

“We’ve not had sex yet.” I blurted out without thinking. I thought I sounded disappointed and Sasha picked up on it too.

“I’m sorry, Sage. Why not?”

“Nothing to be sorry about Sash. He’s not ready. I’m not complaining, I know it sounded like it. He’s just so different.”

Sasha laughed, “Of course he’s different, this guy screwed your best friends sister on the dance floor. What did you expect of him? To like it straight up vanilla.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know. I’m not going to be enough for him. He’s so confident. Knows exactly what he wants. Me, I’m…”

Sasha walked over and hung her arms around my neck again, “You like to watch.” She smiled. “Just be honest with him, Sage. Maybe he likes to be watched.”

“He wants to make me happy.” I whispered out in a single breath.

She smiled. “What’s that mean?”

I shrugged. “We are still figuring that out.” There was a knock at the door. “I’ll get that you finish setting up and stop eating all the wings.”

Sasha laughed as I answered the door. Alice stood outside bearing a box of wine and holding a box of chocolate. She gave me that pretty white smile and kissed me on the cheek. “Sage. I should have known it was you.”

I took the wine from her and took it to the kitchen. Alice took off her coat and yelled through the house, “What smells so good?”

Sasha giggled. “Sage’s boyfriend made us wings!”

I could have sworn I almost heard Alice growl but when I came into the living room where the table was set up Alice was poking her fingers into the bowl and pulling out a wing. “They smell divine.”

Sasha took one, “They are. Try the dark brown ones. Almost like eating at a Chinese restaurant.”

Alice asked, “Where’s Bryan?”

“He’s running late,” Sasha said around a hot wing.

“He’s going to miss all the food.” Alice said.

The three of sat down at the table and Sasha pulled out Jenga from the pile of games. “We can play this while we eat and wait on Bry.”

There was laughter and sticky fingers on Jenga blocks before Bryan came in the front door with flowers. “Sorry I’m late babe.” He chimed in. It distracted Sasha as she pulled the on a block and the tower came tumbling down.

Alice laughed. “All twitterpated. He brought flowers and everything.”

Sasha smacked her sister, “Shut up. We could have told you guys to go take a flying leap on our anniversary.”

Bryan sat down and pulled the bowl of wings to him. And bit into one. “Damn…Where’d you get these?” He looked at us waiting on the answer but continued to talk. “I was going to be late, so I said why the hell not, game night with the family then tomorrow night I can wine and dine and…. ” he winked at me as he trailed off. Like I was the only one who understood what he said.

Alice giggled. “Oh my big sis getting it on, so gross. Don’t ya think, Sage?”

I rolled my eyes. “Grossest thing ever.”

Sasha hit me and gave me that look that said I needed to shut up. Bryan didn’t know about our history. Hell, he didn’t know that up until a year ago we had been still sleeping together. That was before Bryan moved in with Sasha though, when Game night ended up being a late night for the two of us. For Sasha it was a pity fuck, for me it was just taking the edge off till I could do something more entertaining. Sasha didn’t understand anything, but she never questioned me on it. She was always the one who initiated it – like my not having someone in my life I was having sex with was wrong so she made it happen. It’s not like we weren’t attracted to each other. We had dated in junior high. Had sex like every other kid our age. But we’d been friends much longer than that. It was like she followed me around schools or something. We would always end up back in the same schools together.

Thankfully Bryan just laughed. “Better than knowing Sage is porking the boy who porked you Alice.”

Sasha hit him. I blushed and Alice threw a handful of Jenga blocks at him.

Bryan laughed harder and then polished off the last of the wings.

The rest of our night was spent playing Monopoly – Bryan’s favorite. It ended up him and Alice fighting to the death – neither one wanting to give up.

Sasha and I were sitting in the living room watching TV while they finished their game. Sasha was curled up on my lap like she always was when we shared the TV on game night. She smiled up at me and asked, “Will Nox mind this?”

“Mind what I said” as I scrolled through a list of alerts on my phone I’d had set up for work and non-related work things.

“Us, cuddling?” She said poking me in the ribs.

“I doubt it. He cuddles with Jace.”

Sasha giggled, “Is Jace hot, like Nox?”

I looked down at the squealing girl in my lap and nodded. “If you like that sort of thing. Blonde hair, blue eyes, he had a good body before, Nox says he’s putting on weight, though I don’t see anything unattractive about him. Nox doesn’t either he just likes picking on him about it.”

“He’ll put on weight too once he settles in for the long haul.”

I laughed. “Have you seen him? He eats like he’s dieting and likes it. He runs, does yoga, lifts weights and spars as often as he can, you think that’s going to stop when he settles down?” I rolled my eyes. “I could be so lucky. I think I’m going to get fat, while he keeps looking hot just because his food is so fucking good.”

Sasha laughed, “I think he’s going to make us all fat.”

“I know, right?”

Sasha sat up and took my hands in hers and stared into my eyes, “We should invite Jace and his wife to game night. Nox won’t play anyway, he can babysit their daughter right? And we can oogle Jace. Is Mia cute?”

I smiled, “What do you care you don’t do women?”

Sasha laughed, “Oh I might if the right one came along.”

I rolled my eyes, “You are telling me, that in all these years we could have had a threesome and you never let me know?”

She grinned evilly. “We still can. Though Bryan doesn’t do boys, so I guess that’s out.” She leaned in and whispered, “Maybe Nox will let me join you two one night?”

I nearly choked on my own spit. I was coughing when Alice and Bryan walked into the living room. Bryan was punching Alice in the arm as she was chanting, “I won! woot! woot! Take that Oh Master of Monopoly!”

I didn’t have to answer Sasha’s question she was up off the couch and curling around her boyfriend and I was left cold. It wasn’t unusual. And I didn’t feel bad, I mean I had a great guy at home, or I could call him and he’d zip on over. But it was time to go. Alice skipped out the door before clean up started. I helped until Bryan not-so-discreetly told me to get lost. “Three’s a crowd man.”

And I left with a few thoughts on my plate, would I answer Sasha? Did Nox want to, we’d touched on it when we’d talked online. But we’d not mentioned it since. We were too busy exploring all the stuff I liked – we hadn’t even touched anything he liked yet.