I was invited to write for BayArt as one of their authors. While it’s an honor that someone wants to include me in their offerings I’m a little leery of it. I have accepted and joined but I’m hesitant to actually publish something.

The biggest reason being – I am a fictional character. I’ve got issues with my own blog, with people who take offense when I speak about myself and then find out I’m just a character. AJ is my creator. AJ is the brains and the body. I’m merely a figment of AJ’s imagination. I’m just a voice in AJ’s head. I’m a loud voice. AJ can rattle off my response with ease. Sometimes even better than AJ’s own response.

I’d like to thank Deniz Yalım for the invite. I am truly honored. Though I’m not sure I’m actually qualified to do so as I’m not truly a real person going through real things.