My New Home

Sam rolled me the infirmary elevator which wasn’t the same as the elevators used by normal transport and there was little panic plus it was only up one level in some far off corner where no one really went. Who wanted to visit the mental patients. It was kind of amazing that the Venatori had such a place. A place where those with mental illness … Continue reading My New Home


The land down under! The land where everything wants to kill you. AJ’s had a few friends from down under over the years. I have one myself, AJ’s always wondering how they celebrate Christmas. Like what their imagery is. We have Santa pulling a sleigh with reindeer and snow and snowmen. But it’s like hot there at Christmas. It’s one of those destinations that we’d … Continue reading Australia

Empty Room

Dee sighed, “I should go. I need to grab a shower before work.” I rolled back to lay on my back and looked at her. Her green eyes still catching the light and I saw the golden flecks. “Look I’m sorry. I’m an asshole sometimes.” “You don’t need to apologize, Nox. You are right. I’m inclined to beleive the medical professionals. I don’t know you. … Continue reading Empty Room