Opposites Attract?

Magnets are physically repulsed by the same polarity. Is that what attraction really is about? Is that why I’m attracted to Sage?

Maybe, he is an opposite to me, but we both have such similarities too, still we aren’t alike. I think if you are too far opposed to each other that you’ll eventually have issues. There has to be some commonality. I do know I wouldn’t want to be with a guy just like me. But that’s because a guy like me tends to be an ass and I have a bigger ego than that and think I deserve better!

See an ass!

In other news NaNo starts in two days! The Children of Morpheus is queued up till the 5th and AJ will start writing on the 1st maybe not as much as hoped as there is family things to do but AJ has Monday off so there will be writing then! All that glorious me time!

See more ego lol.

And a second piece of information, remember that writing competition AJ joined? Yeah, one of the perks of doing it is the story gets published. It’s now currently open for reader choice voting. AJ’s entry can be found on that list, but here is the direct link to Guardian Angel

We’d appreciate the vote, but there are a lot of other short stories you can read, so vote how you feel best we won’t judge.