Video Games and True Blood

My mood is better. AJ is feeling better she’s doing something cringe worthy though. At least for me.

She’s playing video games – made a new little elf mage in Dragon Age: Inquisition. His name is Sheyn. Not sure what he’s gonna be in a specialty. AJ doesn’t really like any of them for the mage.

And they are watching True Blood. I still laugh at the fangs. And the way vamps die all blood and pulp. But it’s entertaining at least. I can’t say as I’d watch it on my own. But it’s fun to watch to laugh at.

I don’t have much else to say right now. Less than a week until we start the Children of Morpheus. There are at least 9 posts queued up that AJ wrote before NaNo started. They are short little scenes twice a day. AJ will queue up the scenes as she writes them. I’m looking forward to this or looking forward to parts of it. Saturday will be an interesting day.

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