Wouldn’t you know?

Today’s prompt reflects precisely what I wanted to share today! AJ spent all night last night putting together a draft of Darwynn’s Law for you all to have. There are some short stories attached to it that mostly haven’t been posted here.

AJ created epub, mobi or pdf versions. However the epub version is having issues in Nook. AJ’s been able to open it in Google Books and on most other apps that read epub but not the nook app on her phone. She’s slightly confused so if anyone has any suggestions hit me up in the comments or an email and we’ll check it out. AJ is stumped.

Here is the list of short stories included to wrap up Darwynn’s Law before The Children of Morpheus:

  • Paradise by the dashboard light? (NSFW)
  • Nox’s Report
  • Ignorance is Bliss?
  • The Truth Behind the Lies
  • Stop the Madness
  • I Missed You
  • Meeting the Boys
  • I Don’t Know How to Tell You
  • Southern Hospitality

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