Total Paragon?

So today I copied the url for the prompt and was trying to figure out what to write about paragon and then a little while later a second one shows up for total. Totally weird to get two in a day. So we’ll hit both of them. Or try to.

The definition of a paragon is not totally me, it is if I want to be egotistical though. I am perfection!

a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.

But I’m far from perfect. I have a shit ton of issues. I’ve an ego. I’m prideful, and lustful. Not very virtuous at all. Well that’s a lie, I just have a lot of vices. I think most people do.

I am the most powerful Cesari known in existence and possible of all time. I wonder how that compares to the old dragons. A dragon controlled me (Read the Last Phoenix ebook people!). I beat that though so how strong does that make me in dragon terms? I really don’t know. I may never know but eh… doesn’t really matter.

There are 15 days of June left. We are going to post the Children of Morpheus entries twice a day, scene by scene – small scenes like Darwynn’s Law, but it’ll be a consistent story not my retelling and inserting dialog of the event. There are some short stories coming in the ebook version of Darwynn’s Law, I’ve posted some, others haven’t been posted yet. It’ll be free, I’ll see if I can get AJ to format it for ya’ll to read, it’s not edited, but I want to offer it up. Maybe Monday I’ll be able to give it to you all.

If you haven’t finished the Last Phoenix because you are following along, and you’ve already read Darwynn’s Law with us, you really should download the ebook. The Last Phoenix will end the first week or so of August. They are already scheduled.