A distant thunder sounds from a rolling storm and Sage runs outside to sit on the porch, it’s cute to watch. He likes the thunder storms and if it rains all the better. It’s one of his quirks.

Everyone has their quirks. And I really can’t wait for you to meet everyone. Hell I can’t wait to meet them in story myself. AJ is happy with a side project for now and it’s great. She’ll knock out The Children of Morpheus in July. And I can’t wait.

I have a lot of quirks myself. Most of them revolve around my habits. I think Sage likes to make fun of me always wearing a hoodie all the time even when it’s hot outside. Hmmmm… the big ones, like scheduling everything, never being late, eating the same thing the say day the same times and eating the same thing at a specific restaurant. Lot of silly quirks.