Wrote Together

AJ threw together some code and made a rough and dirty collaborative writing site.  The object is to write with others to see where things go with characters or theven world. Devil doll has joined me there. Alex and I are having and adventure.  If you are I interested come on over, http://write-together.aj-hunter.com

Aug 24, 2015 @ 4:45AM

The biggest part of this trip is to learn to survive on you and your team. First thing to do is learn to survive. Then you have to learn how to trust others. We got the survival parts done, at least the lesson parts. Today we break up into teams and we learn to trust [...]

Restless Nights – A Grimm Tale

Walker took the paper from me and saw the contact information and the times. He asked me, “Why did you want the times and dates?” “We can use it to pinpoint events that coincide. See what else The Dragon is up to other than robbing banks.” “That’s a wide birth of things to cover.” Walker [...]