Coming later in The Last Phoenix a scene where Sage and I have a conversation about what I would do if I had to live a human life. I won’t go on about the scene, but I have given it a lot of thought.

If I had to start a new life as a human, without the Venatori in my life, I’d probably have to go to college. Not because I like learning, but I can’t imagine my education in the Academy would really give me the experience required to actually do much more than survive.

I mean I could go live in the mountains and life off the land. Be a hermit, have no money, but that would be lonely and very not considerate of the man I’m hopelessly falling in love with.

I could do the whole fitness trainer thing, but I don’t know if I could really be much help in that. I’m not great at teaching.

I could be a chef or a sous chef. This I could do without school, but it would look better to be a professional in that industry by going to culinary school. Which would require acceptance into it. I’m sure I could wow the interviews and such but my cooking is all self taught. I didn’t even have parents to learn from – completely self taught.

There are business degrees and chemistry that could work for me in regular school.

I could live off my boyfriend. Thought again not really fair to him. I could work for Il Cane. Not that she actually hires out any of her work – but that is an interesting concept. I might have to talk to Ant about that one day. In jest of course. I don’t think Cari Giovanni needs my help hunting vampires.