Of course it would be Luck or something to do with Saint Patrick’s day. I’m pretty sure Valentines day was something about love. Color me green.

AJ has shit luck. Yesterday I said that we had finished editing the first draft and were going to release it. Yeah, well in the process of using multiple computers and syncing systems the last few chapters got foobared. A few chapters looked to be completely duplicated, and a few others like this last one you just read has a few repeated paragraphs and/or sentences that need to be fixed.

So AJ is fixing all that up, and as soon as it’s done, we’ll release it here. AJ is working on formatting it all as we go too. Well formatting it first and then we’ll do the read through of the whole thing, fixing the little inconsistencies that got missed on the last read through and fixing all those stupid duplication.

Unfortunately AJ is torn between reading about me, and reading about Mercy – Patricia Brigg’s new Mercedes Thompson book is out and Mercy has already gotten herself into trouble and I fear for anyone who has to meet her mate in that encounter. Adam is sweet but damn scary too.

A few other notes, AJ is going to drown me in 2cellos for a while. * sighs * Their new album Score is out – its on repeat right now. Tis all so very slow, I love the dynamic duo that is part of the inspiration for myself, but this album while gorgeous is very slow. I like their rock stuff better, but I’ll listen I guess.

And the last note – check out my new avatar!!!!! AJ made it last night. It’s been one of those visions AJ’s had for ages – the whole holding a fireball. AJ tried to draw it. Tried to do a Photoshop tutorial of it. Then all of a sudden AJ found the perfect fireball image and there was a hand image with perfect lighting and the New York City image has the perfect lighting. This one is not a realistic version of the hand, but I love it.nox_avatar