I could probably go on about this for like ever. Patterns are my life. Every Venatori has a mental ability ranging from low level empathy to things like precognition or telepathy. Some get IR vision, or photographic memory – me, I see patterns.

Math is all about patterns. I have to work hard at it, but I can see those patterns, understanding what they mean and how to use them that’s another story. Same thing with science. Chemistry oddly enough was my favorite subject. I learned that my ability is much like molecules structures just on a larger scale.

On any given day I close myself off to these patterns because can imagine seeing colors and patterns on everything – everywhere. It can make you sick. It was slow to learn to turn it off, but I did master it and now it’s easy enough to do at will so I’m not completely lost in the world because of it.

Patterns are how I do what I do. Fire and air wrapped around in a specific pattern can create a fireball. It can be a light, you can make a sword, or anything else out of it too, but it is all about how the pattern is created how each thread is woven together in what it it can do.

Patterns make up everything.


My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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