Camp Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow will start a month long adventure. So I figured I'd better let you in on the basics before AJ starts telling the story. Daily Prompt may be included into posts if the topic fits where the story is at on that present moment. Hopefully I can wrangle it in so I can keep the [...]

A Big Mess – Little Dragon

I watched him walk back towards the train station. He turned around twice before he turned the corner. I waved at him each time and when he disappeared around the corner. Once inside, I headed up the stairs, taking them two at a time. My breathing was elevated, but it was nothing I wasn’t used [...]

Expanding my “Territory”

I already covered the territories of New York Cities supernatural creatures in Lovingly so I won't get into that again. Instead I want to talk a little about an initiative I am (well AJ mostly) doing which includes expanding my territory so to speak. More like I'm trying to pull in more readers. Not that [...]


Today's prompt really didn't call to me. Magic potions - cure alls - the elixir of life. Not really soemthing I have much to say about. However definition #3 at did an alchemic preparation formerly believed to be capable of transmuting base metals into gold. My original creation was a channeler for a role [...]

A Big Mess – Childhood Room

Sage’s bedroom tour lasted all of five minutes. It was unchanged from his youth. An archaic computer was sitting on the desk. There were pictures of his friends pinned to the corkboard above his desk. I recognized them from the club though I couldn’t tell you their names. But I remembered the girl with the [...]

Human Side of the Family

I was still processing the fact that Margo was a dragon and that I had a twin sister who she had killed. I was still processing the idea that I was considered powerful by the dragon's council. That fact alone would send anyone reeling. I however was grateful that Dorian had made me stay away [...]

Omnipotent Narration

AJ doesn't like writing in omnipotent pov but here is the first time Sage and I met in that PoV. Aspect catered to nearly every type of club goer. There was loud music playing throughout the darkened club, multi-colored strobe lights shining around the dance floor. The bar was fully stocked with bartenders who knew [...]