I am not a lush. The one time I drank in excess I got a tattoo. I know I’ve mentioned it before but never told the story (at least not to my knowledge here).

Me and my roommates were drinking in our rooms – against policy – because it was the cool thing to do. We were 16 I guess. It was one of the few times I had actually enjoyed hanging out with my roomies. Sad thing was it was likely the only time we weren’t trying to kill each other.

Aaron and Ross were my biggest tormentors in school – Aaron still is to this day. Ross grew up or grew out of it. He won’t look me in the eye, I’ve seen him naked one too many times for his liking – but it wasn’t my fault. He was the one getting off in our room with the door unlocked. It wasn’t my fault I walked in on him. But that’s not this story is it.

We were drinking and playing truth or dare. A lot of the dares and the truths for that matter revolved around sex. Most of the dares were to see how far the others would go. None of it bothered me, I didn’t wane on any of the dares that had. But my other roommate was also Jace, and he knows me inside out and he changed the situation – he dared me to get a tattoo – right then.

I couldn’t baccropped-4_elements_tattoo1.jpgk down. It wasn’t in my nature. There are three things that terrify me beyond rationality. The first is flying. I hate it. I will do it, but it’s a traumatic experience. The second is needles. Stitches thankfully aren’t something that I’ve had to endure thanks to my fast healing. Shots unfortunately I did, and my Ad Aetatem tattoo. The last is clowns. No idea why, just is stupid.

I got on the back of my neck – someplace I wouldn’t freak out over on a daily basis.  It represents the fact that I’m Cesari and the element I’m strongest in.