My first crush was a boy. He was also my first kiss while the kiss wasn't memorable, the beat down afterwards was. You can read about here. I remember watching him swim, the feeling of fluttering butterflies in my stomach, the quickening of my heart. He was beautiful. Though in hind sight, I like my [...]

Dragon Hunting – Ugly Dog Saloon

The Ugly Dog Saloon was a hole in the wall bar in between several other bars. There were no Harley's or other bikes sitting outside the bar, there wasn't any parking on the streets most of the time. And tonight was a street cleaning night so the cars would get towed and fined, always a [...]

New York City Resident

Write about how you’re a typical resident of your city or town… or about how you’re different from most people there. I'm not a typical New York City Resident in and of the fact that I'm not human. I live in a world where the supernatural exists. I am one of such beings. I live [...]

Il Cane

Tell your story about the time you succeeded at something because you just. Didn’t. Give. Up. I've spoken about it before - the fact that I hunted Il Cane. It was part of my first Hunt. But it isn't really part of that particular serial AJ was working on. So, I'll tell you about the [...]

Dragon Hunting – Waiting

I had been right, the rest of my afternoon was boring. I sent Sage a text with an image of my dinner - steak and roasted sweet potatoes in olive oil and a little cinnamon and sugar and a small side salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Me 646-555-4512 Sat, 06/23/2015 Jealous? 6:13 PM Mysterious blue-eyed boy [...]


Insults anyone? We have the typical racial slurs - a Venatori can look like any human on the planet in terms of skin color, hair etc. We are human to a degree, but it's the origins of our background that gave us our coloring just like humans. Same goes for Primeval vampires, the sun changes [...]


I think the best part of running is the rhythmic beat of each foot fall. It's calming. It's probably why I do it everyday. Why it became a coping mechanism when my life is out of control. Between that and whatever play list I have going it's the perfect dismissal of everything. The ability to [...]