My first crush was a boy. He was also my first kiss while the kiss wasn’t memorable, the beat down afterwards was. You can read about here. I remember watching him swim, the feeling of fluttering butterflies in my stomach, the quickening of my heart. He was beautiful. Though in hind sight, I like my guys to be a little smarter than Dylan. Jocks are … Continue reading Quicken

Il Cane

Tell your story about the time you succeeded at something because you just. Didn’t. Give. Up. I’ve spoken about it before – the fact that I hunted Il Cane. It was part of my first Hunt. But it isn’t really part of that particular serial AJ was working on. So, I’ll tell you about the time I hunted her until I found her. I was … Continue reading Il Cane


I love kids. Can you blame me? I want to be a father. I want to have that responsibility, but I want to provide someone the unconditional love they deserve because they are alive. Call me sentimental but kids are great. I know they are a lot of work. I’m not a stranger to watching them – granted I’ve only watched one child my entire … Continue reading Baby