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Family Life – Nightmares

The darkness gave way to images – images that were always darker than the surrounding blackness. How it was possible I don’t know, but it was suffocating and the red glowing eyes came as they did every night for as long as I could remember. They came alone in the silence of the darkness wielding whips made of fire, jagged earth, razor-sharp air, the only element missing was water. Water didn’t make a good whip it was too soothing, too cooling. No, instead the ground find with it. My shoes and socks were soaking wet. The water wicked up my jeans making them damp and heavy across my hips.

Fog rolled in and the glowing red eyes made everything this hazy red color. The glow from the fire whips flickered against the fog and I bit back the fear that came when the fog did clouding my view of the darkness – of my nightmare.
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