Aspect – Outside the Club

New York City in the early summer was warm but the air around our small little group was nice with a small bite of chill to it. Little lines formed around Mia’s mouth as she frowned at me. “Nox, stop showing off.”

I gave my best friend’s wife a wide toothy grin. “I’m not. It’s fucking hot out here.”

“It’s only June. What’s July and August gonna be like?” Jace complained. “Just be thankful he’ll be around to make our weather change. Outdoor air conditioning.” Mia’s arm was a blur of speed as she slugged her husband with a smile. “Ow!” Jace said rubbing his arms and grinning like a fool.

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Being only half-Venatori fighting has always been uneven – almost unfair – until I realized that I could use my ability to bend the elements as a helping hand. Some say it gives me an unfair advantage. My response is – you are faster, stronger and more agile than me. If you can stop doing all those things, I’ll stop using my universe given gift … Continue reading Uneven