All Venatori have keen senses. Being half human you are lucky to get parts of the Venatori genetics at all. Some Minorem don't get any unique abilities of the Venatori. Other's get partial, and some on very rare occasions keep all Venatori abilities. I'm like most Minorem. I have heightened senses, the ability to heal [...]

Unwanted Partner – Walker

Dae’lin’s office wasn’t too far from the encounter with my father. I knocked on the closed door and the voice that made me jump all my life called out, “Enter.” And I had no choice but to obey. She still made me jump at her commands though now I could ignore then if I wanted [...]


If you go back to last year you'll notice a different love interest in my life. Namely Dorian Vega. Dorian has gone through many iterations. Even more so than me. He's always been older than me. He's always watched me grow up. This dynamic gave some people issues since Dorian is essentially my father figure. [...]

Apple Pie

This was a second contest that AJ entered. However, we can't find any record she ever did. Though we both swear to it. The musty smell of the cavern mingled with the apple pie Nox was licking off of his fingers. His mother insisted on going first, "This my hunt. My rules." Nox rolled his [...]

The Scent of Safety

AJ wrote the first time I met Dorian.  I'd provide you the link where it's published, but it reveals too much information so instead I'll repost it here. Pretty sure it's not any where here yet. My mother was angry at me and I didn’t know why. The airport was a long way from home, [...]


I tried to find something other than a boring topic to discuss so I started looking through AJ's world building site at what was built and what wasn't. While AJ already talks about Ad Aetatem I'm going to expand upon it. The link basically talks about the rituals. I'll talk about mine specifically and what [...]

Unwanted Partner – My Father

I took the stairs two at a time for 28 flights. It was nothing. I’d done the entire ground to roof before. Some days I did it instead of going for a run. It was still early for my appointment with Dae’lin, but I went that direction anyway. The Venatori headquarters was a place that [...]


I'm running late on this one. You'd think the prompt itself would provide a simple enough response but no, it has to be complicated in my head. The fact that AJ has a new stress worthy project on her plate doesn't help either. Sometimes it's the simple things that matter the most. I know love [...]

The Ten Bloodlines

Over the weekend I spoke about what came from the Primeval Vampires I glossed over the ten blood lines and said I'd expand more on what I know. The Venatori don't really care to know beyond how to kill a vampire, but I'm not most Venatori and I have a close personal friend that has [...]

Blogger Recognition Award

Woah! Someone likes my ramblings well enough to nominate me for a recognition award. Before I get into it here are the requirements for accepting the award. If you too want to be a part of this chain then follow the rules as stated below: Write a post to show your award. Give a brief [...]