Guilty Pleasures

I should really know better than getting these types of prompts. But hey that’s what was given to me. I will do my best not go where you expect it to go.

Yeah I can’t think of anything.

Okay there is one… Guilty Pleasures.

However I do not ever feel guilty about them so not really a good title. But anyway…

I have several guilty pleasures. I love to cook. Love! You’d think being super intense in training to keep up with Venatori strength and agility I’d be stickler for food. But I’m not. I love to eat. But everything I eat I try to make. I’m also very OCD about what I eat. (It’s not OCD but you get the idea). I eat the same basic thing every day of the week. It’s schedule. My friends all know it by heart at this date. But it’s not the same, not really. It’s all a matter of how you cook it, season it and what you pair it with.

My other guilty pleasure is jumping. It is dangerous. I know that. I could screw up royally and end up flat as a pancake or worse but either way I’d be dead so I wouldn’t care what I looked like. But the free fall, the rush of the wind past your ears. Someday – when I’m brave enough – I will go skydiving. But that’s one too many fears to conquer at one time. My fear of flying and my fear of heights all in one shot. I don’t think I’ll do well. But to have more than 8 seconds to hurtle to the ground I think that would be awesome.