Alec was off in the bedroom as I heard Max starting to stir. I went in to start getting the little blue man ready for his day. I assumed he’d be going to the Institute with his grandparents but I really had no clue. He squirmed as I pulled clothes on to him and changed…

Can We Keep Him?

We stopped by the Institute and picked up Max. I waited outside the run down cathedral as I didn’t really want to run into Alec’s parents. Magnus came out carrying a few books and Alec the little boy wearing his favorite glamour. I grinned as Alec played with his son as he carried him. I…

Alpha v Alpha

The music flowed through me keeping the best of the depression away. I was grateful for the distraction when a woman sat down next to me despite the look she was giving me. It wasn’t friendly, but it wasn’t aggressive either. She leaned over and spoke loudly. “What do you think you are doing?” I…


Isabelle nearly dragged me through the crowded streets and subways of New York City. It wasn’t until I recognized some stares that I realized all five of the others were hidden from view. I looked like I was talking to myself. I veiled myself and I heard Isabelle gasp. I grinned and released it, “I…

Another Attack

Clary muttered to herself as she translated the Latin. She didn’t sound like she had found anything important either. I pushed the books away. “This is going to take forever.” I whined.

The door burst open and the nerd that was Simon came in waving shreiking, “We gotta go Clary, there is another attack and it’s in progress.”


I did only a little wandering before the sounds of fighting drew me towards the training room I’d passed earlier. I stood below the platform and watched Jace and a few other’s I hadn’t met yet sparring with staffs. Nothing glowed like when I had seen them fighting before. They moved quickly but not faster…

The Institute

Alec was finishing up getting the baby ready, I wondered how that worked. The boy was blue and it wasn’t something you could hide, but Magnus stepped into the nursery bleary eyed and waved his hand over his son with affection and the child’s appearance flickered. I stood outside the nursery watching them while I waited for Alec to finish up. Magnus smiled with sparkling eyes still undone from sleep. Golden-green cat eyes flashed quickly before he covered them up. I smiled, “I still saw. I’m not going to judge.”

L: Lunar

The lunar cycle is important for all were creatures.  As a Venatori we are taught that weres are have a three day period around every full moon that fledgling were’s first shift.  This shift is usually forced and if out of control of an Alpha always dangerous.  Were culture dictates that the Alpha of the…

Late Nights & Early Mornings

I wasn’t going to sleep, but I made my way to the offered bedroom. I was pretty certain they wanted alone time. And I completely understood that. The room was still extravagant in comparison to what I was used to myself. The curtains on the windows were probably more expensive than anything I owned. Every…

K: Kaleidoscope

Looking through a kaleidoscope as a child was always fun until I started seeing the same thing in real life around everyone I knew.

Humans can sometimes see what they call an Aura. It’s a series of colors and images that define a person. They say it’s how a person is feeling – some can tell the past and future from them, but mostly it reflects the person’s current situation.


I leaned against the sink and washed the used bottles and placed them in the drying rack. I felt eyes watching me and I turned around to see magic and flamboyance standing in the kitchen doorway watching me. “Bored? You can clean the rest of the house. We won’t mind.”

Blue Babies

I wandered down the hall towards the sound of the whimpering. No one else seemed to notice, the sound was soft and was coming from a closed door. I listened at the door as the sound of something moved on the other side. I don’t know why I was being so unease, this was a…

Demon Hunters

The big blonde came over and stood next to me and watched the magic man do his thing. I watched in silence until the blonde said, “That was something. Never seen fire balls from a warlock that actually looked like fire.”

Hordes of Demons

The shadows slithered like snakes in the grass. I could hear skittering and scratching like the sounds the bugs make on the walls of rundown complexes. Hissing and growling made of guttural sounds and underneath that I could hear voices – distant but they kept the shadows looking away from me as I wretched on the cement floor.

Golden Portals

Leading a pack of werewolves was complicated. Leading an entire organization was a completely different matter, but when you throw two of them at a person at one time, it was beyond comparison. I was completely overwhelmed with the new role his life had taken on. Not only was he expected to be some great leader out of the gate, there were people who hated him for that very fact.

New Venture

AJ finished my story. yay! But we are waiting for the printed copy before we edit and make what changes need to be made before looking for beta readers.


AJ’s been busy writing new stuff and has had no time to think about this.  It’s an excuse I know that, but when the bug hits you take advantage of it.  I must say that it’s turning out very different than either AJ or myself expected. There are over 120K words and we are nearing…

J: Journal

Here are some examples of excepts of my drawing journal (Note: these are not actually drawn or created by me or AJ)

I: I Statements

I am Nox Setanta. I am a Magnus. I am Cesari. I am Minorem. I own these things about myself.

H: Housing

We are provided everything we could possibly ever need. There were times when the Venatori couldn’t afford much, but with bankers and financial guru’s like Asher Eriksen, the Venatori have not been poor for a very long time.